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Status Matrix #001 Copyright the Trademark, under Common Law
WWW.THCTRUST.ORG By: Tex Mason Coaching on matters regarding Secured Party Creditor and Trust/Estate

By : Tex Mason     Added : 25 October 2015
Crimin-AL #06 - Request Disclosure (1099, 1040, County Payments, Financial Records) Popes Letter establishing the loss of immunity regarding public officials:

By : Tex Mason     Added : 08 October 2015
This lesson is a part of our study to SHUT DOWN the courts proceeding against our PERSONS in quasi-criminal matters. To access this entire study. Log on to, and click the link on the right side of the website that says "Criminal Matrix"

By : Tex Mason     Added : 04 October 2015
Crimin-AL matrix #01 - FRCP 5.1 - Constitutional Challenge to a Statute (Criminal Offense)

By : Tex Mason     Added : 20 September 2015
You-tube vlogger captures celestial Orb in this Video - From 2011
You will need to watch in High Resolution and FULL Screen to catch this orb. In this video something was apparently eves dropping or curious about our business. This is a very real video. I blog under the tradename Tex Mason, and I was making a video to discuss promissory notes back in 2011. That's when I cought this orbital thing, or spy technology, shooting through the glass screen door, and hovering over my shoulder. What the video doesn't express is that at the moment the orb realized I was focused on it, it then disappeared. Here is the proof, and please download this video. Your thoughts?

By : Tex Mason     Added : 12 July 2015
Status Matrix & Secured Party Recordings Part 1 of 2

By : Tex Mason     Added : 03 July 2015
Stopping Foreclosure Strategy by Presetnment & Quiet Title Action
Dealing with Mortgage Problems and Foreclosures with the Truth. Establish the record of facts by administrative procedure and notary presentment, and then file an action to quiet title.

By : Tex Mason     Added : 22 April 2015 (how to use the website).mp4

By : Tex Mason     Added : 13 April 2015
Stop Foreclosure Strategy (Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act), uniform residential mortgage satisfaction act, urmsa

By : Tex Mason     Added : 11 April 2015
PART 2 of 2 Martial Law, Lieber Code, Reversionary Interest (

By : Tex Mason     Added : 31 March 2015
PART 1 of 2 Martial Law, Lieber Code, Reversionary Interest (

By : Tex Mason     Added : 31 March 2015
Admiralty 1 (

By : Tex Mason     Added : 18 March 2015
The Name on your Birth Certificate Part 2. (

By : Tex Mason     Added : 16 February 2015
The Name on your Birth Certificate ( Creating an Account is Free

By : Tex Mason     Added : 16 February 2015
Prevent Foreclosures - Deeds of Trust do NOT convey a right to Foreclose
The Mortgage Deed in itself does not attach to, nor does it create an enforceable right for the BANK (and their Attorney) to enforce an action (foreclosure) against your property. This is according to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) article 9-203(b). Why is this an important find? Before an Attorney can initiate an action to foreclose, the LAW requires that he produce a statute or a contract from which he derives his authority to take such action. Without such authority written in a Law or a Contract, the Bank (or Attorney) has no legal authority to take such action. Typically, during the initiating of a foreclosure proceeding, the attorney will file a copy of the Mortgage Deed into the court docket. You may not understand what he is doing. He is essentially trying to create the presumption in the court, that the Security Deed conveys or grants the Bank the right to attach to and foreclose against your property. It is important that you research UCC article 9-210 so you can understand how to apply it in court, in such a way to disprove and diffuse the presumption made by the Attorney. You may be wondering how is all of this allowed to happen if the Mortgage Deed doesn't authorize such a right. Well ignorance of the law is no excuse. The Attorney is banking on the fact that you are ignorant to the law, and that you will not challenge his authority in the matter. Now that you know the law, you actually may have a valid counter-claim for "Fraud on the Court" The attorney knows that the Mortgage Deed doesn't convey a right to foreclose, but he introduced the document to intentional mislead the court and/or to make a false representation. This is not legal advice and I do not practice law. For more lectures like this and other information visit

By : Tex Mason     Added : 28 May 2014

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