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Raja Thakur kills the family of a Judge, for being loyal in his work. One of his decisions makes him pay his as well as his family’s life. Fortunately, his son Vishal misses the attack and survives the incident. After some time, Vishal plans to avenge his family’s murder by giving the goons the taste of their own medicine. However, Raja Thakur is so strong and influential person that even newly appointed Judge fears to go against him. How Vishal will find his way? What will be the price he has to pay? How will he succeed forms the climax of the movie. Watch the full movie Kanoon.

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Ek Bar Mooskura Do
Dilip and Mala shared the same dream of living together. But the wheels of fate changed the tide. Mala’s father laid a condition on Dilip to be rich like them. Dilip takes it up as a challenge. Having earned the required fame and wealth to win over Mala he returns but to his dismay she is already married to his own best friend. But certain events bring Mala and Dilip together in a guest house. Old memories re kindle the spark of love and he pleads Mala to be bold enough and break the matrimony bonds. Will both reunite again? Watch the full movie.

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Ajay Nath is a brat, and is prone to playing practical jokes and pranks in order to get his way with his mother and father. In one case he askes one of their family doctors', Dr. Panjabi, to lie to his dad that he has cancer, so that he can accompany his college friends to a outing to Kashmir. He falls in love with fellow collegian Geeta Chopra, who is in love with Shyam. But Ajay's dad, fooled by his illness convinces her to be kind to him, and she becomes friendly with Ajay, both eventually fall in love with each other and want to get married. Then their family gets the news that Ajay really has cancer and has only a few more months to live.

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Mela 1948
"Mohan (Dilip Kumar) and Manju (Nargis), friends since childhood, love each other and want to marry each other. Mohan decides to go into town to buy jewelry for the marriage. On the way he is robbed and becomes unconscious with his injuries landing him in a hospital. Village panchayat asks Manju to marry on her fixed marriage date. A 70-year old groom is found for Manju, He asks her to care for his children and soon passes away. One night in stormy weather, she goes out to meet Mohan, and is killed when she falls off a cliff. Villagers arrive to convict Mohan of murdering Manju. Mohan says nothing in his defense and is sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. On release from jail, Mohan goes to the same place where Manju had died. He sees her spirit, who beckons him to follow her. As he does, he falls off the cliff edge and dies.

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This story is about Ezra a jeweller who losses his son Elijah. Elijah is sentenced to death for a mistake by Brutus who is the Governor of Rome. Ezra's child minder, Emmanuel plans to take a revenge and kidnaps Brutus' daughter Lydia and brings her to Ezra but Ezra does not kill her, rather he adopts her. Lydia now named Hannah grows up to be a beautiful lady and falls in love with Prince Marcus who disguises himself as a Jew. And when Hannah finds out about this she gets furious and complains to Brutus about this. Now Ezra and Hannah want Prince Marcus killed. Watch the movie to unveil the story.

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Nache Nagin Gali Gali
Nache Nagin Gali Gali is a 1989 movie starring Meenakshi Seshadri and Nitish Bharadwaj. The movie is about two loving shape-shifting snakes who try to save themselves from an evil black magician. But they later get separated in a crowd. As young adults, both try to find each other. Watch how this interesting plot unfolds.

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Sadak Chhap
The story deals with Shankar who is an orphan, without any knowledge of his parents, He lives his life as an urchin, on petty thievery and con games. He is known to the police because of his petty crimes. Rich and beautiful Natasha, niece of a well-known Member of Parliament, Dharamdas falls for him, but Shankar loves someone else. Later Shankar comes to know that his father is alive, he soon meets up with him, and with the help of Natasha, comes across a closely guarded conspiracy involving people he has known for a long time.

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Dushman Devta
The movie story deals with a small town in rural India which is being terrorized by wild animals and bandits. No one is able to stop them from killing and looting the residents. The only one who is able to stand against the bandits is master Dina Nath, but he is arrested and is imprisoned. When Dina Nath returns home, he befriends a young man by the name of Shiva, and asks him to protect this town. Subsequently, Dina Nath is killed. Shiva is blamed for Dina Nath's death by the townspeople, severely beaten, and left to die. But some compassionate townspeople rescue him as they think he is Lord Shiva reincarnated to save their town. They do not know that Shiva is an escaped convict, and by playing God to the simple-minded townspeople, he is merely whiling for time, so that he can carry out his very own secret agenda.

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Lal Singh, Heeralal Ghosh, and Zoravar rob the gold vault of a bank, take off with all the gold bars they can carry, and bury it deep in the countryside. Several weeks later, they return to share the bars between them but find them gone. Suspecting a nearby family of having stolen them, they kill the husband and wife. After some years, when two partners of this gang of three robbers are killed by Tejaa, the third one realises that Tejaa must be the son of the family they had murdered years ago. He sets a trap to foil Tejaa's next move. Watch the movie to know more.

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Ajaykumar is a naughty nephew of wealthy Ramapati Mukherjee. Due to increasing complaints about Ajay from people in the community, Ramapati is not happy and decides to send him in a hostel in the city. From his entry itself, Ajay gets into fisticuffs with other students, then finds fault with the food as well as the teaching methods and is severely reprimanded. Enraged at this humiliation, he and other pranksters compel the portly school superintendent to quit, and a replacement, Shekhar, takes over. Ajay and his buddies are now all set to try their tricks on Shekhar and they are sure it will not be long before he, too, decides to leave. However, Shekhar, tries to instill good values in the students using unorthodox methods. Watch the move to know more.

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Nagin (1954)
Nagin is a love story of two lovers from different tribes Nagi and Ragi. These tribes are in conflict for the local economic rights. The conflict goes to such a level that the daughter of the Nagi tribe's chief, Mala (Vyjayanthimala) vows to kill the son of the Ragi tribe's chief, Sanatan (Pradeep Kumar) as revenge. However, when she enters enemy territory, she is mesmerized by music of a flute. Soon she comes to know that the singer is Sanatan. In spite of her motive to come over there, she is attracted towards him and both fall in love. It is not easy for them to unite as they find it difficult to minimize the enmity between their two tribes and to resist the attempts of the villain Prabir (Jeevan) to marry Mala. Will they ever get married?

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"Widowed Advocate Triloki Prasad lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town in India with two sons Advocate Ashok who is married to Geeta and Alok who has yet to settle down in their law firm. Alok is fond of music and does enroll in classes run by Pandit Jamuna Prasad. On his return his father asks him to accompany Ashok to their law firm and start learning to practice which he agrees to do. Then one day Triloki finds out that Alok has not been at the firm but is instead spending time in the local slums with a former courtesan named Sarju Bai Banaraswali. He cautions Alok about this but Alok continues to visit Sarju Bai. When Mr. Gupta approaches Triloki about taking possession and demolishing the slum area, Triloki readily agrees and with his expertise manages to sway the Courts decision in Gupta’s favor. As a result Sarju Bai and others are rendered homeless. Watch what happens next.

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Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
"It is a story of three brothers. Brijmohan Sharma, with his two brothers Manmohan and Jagmohan runs a garage. The eldest brother Brijmohan hates women and doesn't allow any women or pictures of them in his garage. One day, while Manmohan is on the night shift, Renu comes to the garage seeking help as her car breaks down. He helps her. Both start meeting each other often and fall in love. Meanwhile Jagmohan meets Sheela, Renu's sister and likes her. Will these pairs be able to marry? What is the reason for Brijmohan's hatred for women? Watch the movie. "

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Karle Pyar Karle
Karle Pyaar Karle is a love story of two rebels, Kabir and Preet, who are playing the game of their life. Since their childhood, Kabir and Preet indulged in playing dangerous games trying to fight the fear and complexes within. In a desperate moment, 8-year-old Kabir indulged in an act that led him to the juvenile home. In order to protect him, his mother decided to leave town so as to escape the harsh punishment. After traveling from one city to another for twelve years, the family returns to their home town where Kabir and Preet reconnect. This marks the beginning of a new chapter of dares and games.

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It is a story of a man named Bapu Lohar who is raised in an atmosphere of hatred, violence and crime. Bapu Lohar now calls himself 'Badshah' and he is a cold-blooded criminal who usually murder his victims for the right amount. However, once Badshah rescues a child and suddenly his life changes as he takes up profession as a blacksmith in order to give the child a good future; but Badshah's criminal associates will not let him just walk away. How Badshah will face his strong oppositoon?

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