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Our Dream Lives!
Luella and her Friends imagine what it would be like to have a 'Dream Life'. You'd be surprised how different they are!!! Watch to find out. Have a Tremendous Thursday! ~ Luella Music by Kevin MacLeod.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 26 November 2015
Alexis' School Morning Routine
Alexis shows you what she typically does to get ready for school in the morning. Music by Kevin MacLeod; Windswept, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, Carefree

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 21 November 2015
Madison's Morning Routine!
Since this weeks theme is "Morning Routine" obviously Madison shows you her Morning Routine! P.s there's a little surprise in there..hehe :) xo, madz

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 20 November 2015
An Elfs Morning Routine
This week Luella shows you the morning routine of a Christmas Elf. Watch to see what they get up to & if its the same as ours. Have a Tremendous Thursdays from Luella comment down below for a chance of a shout out next week.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 19 November 2015
The Morning Routine of a Princess!
Katie shows you the morning routine of a princess in her castle! Music - Ashton Manor by Kevin Macleod.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 17 November 2015
Alexis Has Three Wishes
Alexis summons a genie to grant her three wishes. What does she wish for? Music by Kevin MacLeod: Airport Lounge, Hypnothis

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 14 November 2015
Madison Wishes Someone Away Forever!
Madison has the opportunity to wish for 3 things! Her last wish is the best wish yet! Watch to find out what she wishes for! xo- madz

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 13 November 2015
Be Careful What You Wish For!
Luella is very excited when she finds an old vase and even more excited when a Genie from it gives her three Wishes...But does she use her wishes wisely????...Watch to find out. Comment down below for a possible shout out.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 12 November 2015
Mission Impossible Getting My Sister To Eat A Vegetable
Alexis is given the almost impossible mission of getting her sister to eat a vegetable! Music by Kevin MacLeod: On The Ground, A Mission, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 08 November 2015
Madz & Zach Take On The Pizza Challenge!
Since this weeks theme is Freestyle, Madison decides to do the Pizza Challenge! I hope yall enjoyed! For a chance to get a shoutout next week, comment below your fave pizza topping! xo- madz

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 06 November 2015
Mythical Creature on the Loose! - Part 2
Previously you saw Luella as a Fairy on the run. There was a reward for her capture & one little girl had called the Police. This episode lets you know what happens next - Does she have a happy ending???? Watch to find out & comment for a possible shout out ~ Have a Tremendous Thursday from Luella.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 05 November 2015
How to Find the Perfect Halloween Costume Ideas, Tips, & More!
Katie shows you a guide on how to find the perfect Halloween costume and gives you some costume ideas! Have a happy Halloween! Music: Marty Gots a Plan, Phantom from Space, and Danger Storm by Kevin Macleod.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 02 November 2015
It's Halloween!! Get Ready with Alexis
Happy Halloween! Alexis invites you to get ready with her to go trick or treating. Alexis is being a nerd this year. She hopes you have a great Halloween! Music by Kevin MacLeod: One-eyed Maestro, Monster Promenade

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 31 October 2015
Get Ready For Halloween With Madison!
Madison takes you guys along with her to do some last minute Halloween shopping! Like, finding decorations, costumes, pumpkins, etc. I hope you guys liked it! To get a possible shoutout, comment what you're being for Halloween or comment whats your fave Holiday! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! xo- madz

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 30 October 2015
Cute and Easy Halloween DIYS!
Hi Guys, This week I wanted to show you some quick & easy Halloween DIYS that you can all do at home. They are fun to do & use every day products from your cupboards so I'm sure you'll enjoy. Happy Halloween from Luella :). Music - Kevin Macleod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, wallpaper

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 29 October 2015

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