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Suzuki Vitara 4 Suzuki Vitara 4

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 19 April 2015

Suzuki Vitara 3 Suzuki Vitara 3

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 19 April 2015

Suzuki Vitara 2 Suzuki Vitara 2
This is part 2 of 4

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 17 April 2015

Suzuki Vitara 1 Suzuki Vitara 1
This is another interactive training video. It is on a 2003 Suzuki Vitara 2.0. It came to us and would barely run. This is a 4 video series designed to help an apprentice level tech develop skills in the diagnostic process. I hope you enjoy it.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 15 April 2015

Fuel gauge reads wrong after fuel pump replaced Fuel gauge reads wrong after fuel pump replaced
If you have a 96 or 97 year gm truck that needs a fuel pump, be sure to order it by the VIN. There is an option for a anti-slosh module that could cause you some confusion.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 11 January 2015

Fuel Tank Straps Won Fuel Tank Straps Won't Fit
Mercury Grand Marquis are a very popular car. They have a fuel pump that will eventually need replaced. Because of the design of the tank mounted in a vertical position you will struggle with getting the straps to remount properly. This video will show you why, and how to fix it.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 10 January 2015

Ford Focus Hard to refill with gas Ford Focus Hard to refill with gas
Do you have a problem refilling your vehicle with fuel. It could be one of several problems. This is a very common issue not only with Ford Focus but with many vehicles.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 22 December 2014

Ignition key won Ignition key won't turn
Sometimes the ignition key won't turn or rotate. If that happens the vehicle won't start, the steering wheel won't turn and it won't shift into gear. On a late 90's or early 2000 GM vehicle this is the way to get it apart so you can replace the tumbler.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 04 August 2014

What is that Noise ? ? What is that Noise ? ?
This noise is very common on the gm engine but it is often misdiagnosed. Hopefully this video will help you identify the problem and save you time and money.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 22 June 2014

Hyundai Lesson 3 Hyundai Lesson 3

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 20 June 2014

Hyundai Lesson 2 Hyundai Lesson 2
Part 2 of 3

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 19 June 2014

Hyundai Lesson 01 Hyundai Lesson 01
Hyundai bucks and jerks when accelerating. Driver thinks it's a transmission problem. Here is our road test that shows what we found as symptoms. Add your comments and tell us what you think and what you would do next.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 19 June 2014

Why we replace the Intake Why we replace the Intake
Replacing the intake is actually the best repair. To replace only the seal would cost more because of the added labor. The screws holding the disks usually twist off and have to be drilled and tapped, and find new ones,then the shaft would have to be driven out which will flatten it's end, then both openings would have to drilled and sleeved, then a seal located & glued in, then all reinstalled. After all that you would be only replacing one runner shaft and not the other bank shaft seals. It would be labor intensive and you would still be risking leaks from the vacuum check valve, hoses, vacuum motors and solenoids. With the additional cost for parts and labor it is much more cost effective to replace the complete intake.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 27 April 2014

Here is a way to illustrate how STFT & LTFT work together. Just like a torque wrench will ADD PRESSURE to a bolt, so will LTFT add pressure to the STFT adjusments. STFT won't set the check engine light. It's job is to try and bring the air fuel mixture to a balance. If it can't do it within it's amount of pressure, it asks for help from the LTFT. It's when the LTFT stays above or below a 10% adjustment AND the STFT continues to move in the same direction that sets the CEL

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 27 April 2014

Interactive Video Part 3 Interactive Video Part 3
Here is part 3 where we show what the problem is. For an explanation of how STFT & LTFT work together, watch part 4.

By : realfixesrealfast     Added : 27 April 2014

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