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Dutch Buckets with Store Bought Tomato Plants
A lot of people have trouble with seed starting and would like to use store bought plants. So I tried a few store bought Rutgers tomatoes in a dutch bucket setup to see how they'd do. The results were pretty good.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 04 July 2015
Landscaping - Saving Money at Lowe's
If you're thinking about buying some shrubs, trees, or flowers, now is a good time to check out the big box stores for some really good deals. We found 2 Lowe's stores in West Virginia with 75% off sales. Of course, we loaded the truck !

By : mhpgardener     Added : 28 October 2014
Sieva Butter Beans - An Excellent Pole Bean
I like to eat butter beans, but I don't like the back breaking chore of picking them. So the answer was to find a pole butter bean, something that would climb a string and allow us to pick them while standing. We found some Sieva Butter Bean seed online and planted them in the greenhouse as a test. These things are amazing. They are very productive, excellent eating, and they made beans even thru 100+ degree heat. If you get a chance, give them a try.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 15 October 2014
Hybrid Volunteer Tomatoes - Yes, You Can Save Hybrid Seeds
When it comes to seed saving, people generally want an heirloom or open pollinated variety. The reason is simple, you want to have some idea of what you're going to get at harvest time. But it is also possible to save seed from hybrids and use them. You won't know for sure what the outcome will be, but more than likely you'll be able to harvest something from your efforts. In this video, we have a bunch of volunteer tomatoes growing where I've grown Big Beef a few times. The size and shape of the tomatoes was different from Big Beef. However, they still produced plenty of tomatoes.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 10 October 2014
Growing Green Beans - How to Get Good Production
My favorite variety of green beans is Strike. The are very productive, excellent tasting, and easy to grow. In this video, I'll talk about what I do to get them to produce so well. Here is how Susan cans green beans:

By : mhpgardener     Added : 07 October 2014
Buying Premixed Water Soluble Fertilizers
I have received a lot of questions in regard to buying the 4-18-38 fertilizer already mixed with Calcium Nitrate and Epsom salt. Is it the same product that I use? What is my opinion of it? I'll tell you this.... I do NOT recommend mixing the 3 ingredients and storing them for any length of time. It is much wiser to mix them as needed, or mix them with water.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 04 October 2014
Sawdust in the Garden - Not a Good Idea
To conserve moisture on last years garden, I spread sawdust around some pepper plants. It worked well as I had plenty of peppers up until frost. To get ready for this years gardens, I tilled the sawdust into the soil. Was that a good idea? Absolutely not ! I'll show why and also tell you how to correct the problem.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 26 September 2014
Failed Again - Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment
I'm trying an organic fertilizer being developed by a friend of mine. This time, it's a more concentrated product and I felt much more confident about the results. However, when using it in a hydroponic setup like I did the first time, I was disappointed at the results. Like most new ventures, this fertilizer is a work in progress. So I'll be waiting for a revised version to give it another try.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 23 September 2014
Our Best Garden Pea
I've tried to grow early garden peas for several years without much success. So this year, we planted 3 different varieties ; Thomas Laxton, Little Marvel, and an improved Thomas Laxton called Progress No. 9. In a side by side test, we had a clear winner and we will be growing that variety in the future. And to learn the best way to can the peas, here is Susan's video:

By : mhpgardener     Added : 20 September 2014
Greenhouse Beets
It was a good year for beets in the greenhouse. They get planted in raised beds and always seem to do well. This year we planted 2 varieties, Detroit Red and Pacemaker. Both were similar in size. To store beets long term, an easy way is to can them for Pickled Beets. If you want to know how to can them, here is Susan's video:

By : mhpgardener     Added : 17 September 2014
2014 Garden Plans
It's time for catching up on this years videos. This is a summary of what we hoped to accomplish this year, along with a look back at last years gardens. In the next few weeks, we'll see how things turned out.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 13 September 2014
Dutch Bucket Tomatoes - Pruning, Stringing, and Pollinating
The Big Beef tomatoes are off to a great start. It's time to prune the early suckers and do some pollinating. And since these are going to be grown single stem, they need to be put on strings using the trellis clips. Here is the link to Susan's video showing how this was all set up :

By : mhpgardener     Added : 30 April 2014
Super Italian Paste Tomato Update
Susan's Super Italian Paste Tomatoes are kicking in high gear and it's time to do a little maintenance. We're removing some of the smaller suckers and trimming off the lower leaves that are making contact with the soil. This is a good way to lessen the likelihood of fungal diseases. Also, we're putting the cages around them. Aside from keeping them watered and maybe a quick side dressing in a few weeks, they should be good to go for awhile.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 22 April 2014
Seed Starting Help - Get Some Light
One of the biggest problems people are having with starting their own seeds is leggy seedlings. The cure is really quite simple. Get some cheap fluorescent shop lights and get the light as close to the seedlings as you possibly can. Do this, and your seedlings will develop much stronger stems and you'll have much better results in the garden.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 15 April 2014
Planting Pecan Trees
When planning for the future, you have to start somewhere. So today we planted a couple of pecan trees. It will be several years before we get any pecans to make a pie. In the meantime, we'll enjoy watching them grow and become nice shade trees.

By : mhpgardener     Added : 25 March 2014

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