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My Slideshow greta artist and writer. began as a group singer/ the capitol/ 11/58 pet records
kurtis scott recording artist ./singer song writer/ no no baby/ if you feel it ge up and dance. build build/ black child /BROTHER GET YOUR SELF TOGETHER./poetry/mu/poetry/now webPAGE ABOUT ME. www.angelfire.com/ct3/kurtis_scott_ent hi

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let the new world come in by kurtis scott images photos YouTube

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musicmixfunk- of kurtis scott /imags /photo/kurtmusicworldnow production.
musicmix IS bon curtis futch jr now kurtis scott is about /pop rock r/b thats tyde of voice hes had can sing any style. this is just sample how how he can chage up.formerly kurt harris recording artist. GUITAR PLAYER PIANO and writer of poetry and most of the songs he records he began as a group singer. THE CAPITOL 1958 SONG angelof love //pet records sing bass on it.vocalist on the EMPEROR OF MY BABY HEART on youtube. LET HER DANCE. his producer dorain burton clyde otis johnny northen john benning and musc arr. robert bank. rest is history/ www.soul-ltreasures.com/japan www.angelfire.com/ct3/kurtis_scott_ent

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sprit of home/f or christmas/by kurtis scott/iimage /photo kurtmusicworldnow production
born curtis futch jr formerly kurt harris this song is specail SPRIT OF HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. vocalist . music by robert banks /writer johnny northern jr. bailey andre montell. the song is right for this time . of years. he came and land in new york city about 1953 after being adodet by the harris family. MEETTING KENNEY HARRIS IN WARKWICK NYC his family adodet him he plays guitar also and panio he say its all by feeling if you can feel it you can play it. HE BEGAN AS A GROUP SINGER. about 1953 SING AND RECORDED WITH THE CAPITOL sing bass on angel of love./ on pet records. rest is history. GO TO ww.soul-treasures.com /fine out more click kurtis scott at the bottom of the page.much much more to come.

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new years eva /dance/by kurtis scott/hotgirls /images/kurtmusicworldnow production
new year eva dance/by kurtis scott /images of hot girls/photo is the time of years to let it all hang out.he said i like to play music and write song that make the world happy. cause music makes the world go around born CURTIS FUTCH JR ADODET by the harris family in nyc brooklyn thats where the name kurt harris came from. he recorded THE EMPEROR OF MY BABY HEART. for clydis otis 1963 stillo a hit today. on youtbe. fine out more on scott go to. www.soul-treasures.com/japan click kurtis scott. bottom of page info will pop up.

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attrubute.to a champ/by kurtis scott/kurtmusicworldnow production
this is my says thanks to a ture champion. joe frazier. gone will not be forgotton. born curtis futch jr singer song writer ex figh gym fighter himself. my jo as a boxer s was to get the champ ready to be champion began boxing at about 5 years pld the late sugar ray taugh me the game. imet joe frazer he was young kid. with lots of heart thats what it takes to get in that ring. i attrubute this video to him. noe kurtis scott formerly kurt harris.recording artist. www.soul-treasures.com/formore on scott

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get down funk/by kurtis scott/imags/photo
its music that wake you up by born again curtis futch jr aka kurtis scott formerly kurt harris music from the heart he also the vocalist on THE EMPEROR OF MY BABY HEART. LET HER DANCE. he change his name to kurtis scott to get out of a recording contract of 10 years on the daimond lable. for more on scott go to www,soul-treasures.com/japan/click kurti scott bottom of page

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history of/ kurtis scott music/images/photo
history of his soulful music by kurtis scott born curtis futch jr formerly kurt harris/imags/photo he began in show buisness at aearly age. the rest is history. from group singer to now. solo actor singer writer.

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guitar funky blues/of kurtis scott/images/photo
born curtis futch jr. aka kurtis scott formerly kurt harris tells astory guitar blues funky he raps about life in the getto. plays the guitar with lots of funky feeling. his history in the record business goes back over 25 years of recording and films as a actor.. he be gan as a group singer THE CAPITOL 1958 pet records ANGEL OF LOVE sing bass on the record. the rest is history. go to www.soul-treasures.com/fine out more on scott./japan click name at bottom of page. www.angelfire.com/ct3/kurtis_scott_ent.

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music/profile of kurtis scott /getto sou/kurtmusicworldnowl
he came from the getto of brooklyn tborn curtis futch jr aka kurtis scott his profile. some of his recording.getto soul is what the getto do to you it bring out the feeli

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my baby heart/by kurtis scott/images/photo/kurtmsicworldnow production
love story up temper /by kurtis scott born curtis futch jr all star vocalist formerly kurt harris /he sings about a guy in love who is just not to good looking but looks his girl cause she excepts him for him. kurtis scott has been that guy so he knows what he is singing.oits a master peice /producer clyde otis - music by belford henkerson./he was curtis futch. jr. in elonia ga usa. go to www.soul-treasures.com/japan for more info in scott.

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soul-lover- mixs-r/by kurtis scott/images/photo/
born curtis futchjr /kurtis scott soul-lover music its albout telling the truth about life. he sing from the heart . formerly kurt harris/recording hit of 1964 CLASSIC THE EMPEROR OF MY BABY HEART.l

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