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Opening My First Dal JouJou!! Opening My First Dal JouJou!!
Q W Q shes adorable as ever hnGGGGG sorry i didnt put pictures at the end of the video ; A ; Ill most likely get her a new wig and eye chips and a body as well uvu Flickr: I dont own the audio pls dont kill me ty Drinker - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Male Version)

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 23 August 2013

Pullip 27cm Obitsu Tutorial Pullip 27cm Obitsu Tutorial
Thought this might be a little useful for anyone who wants to put their pullip on an obitsu I got mine off of junkyspot and thats my newest pullip miku uvu Song: Beam (2013 Remix) by Mako I do not own the audio

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 19 August 2013

★Full Pullip Custom Wolf★ ★Full Pullip Custom Wolf★
Hi!!! Ah ok its been really long since I posted a pullip related video so here you go. I renamed Xion (my pullip chelsea) to Wolf and gave her a new face up and wig uvu OOOOOOK so all the stuff that went into making this cutie: ★ Pullip Chelsea (Groove INC) ★ 27cm White Medium Bust Obitsu (blushed by me) ★ Face up done by me (lips carved,new lashes, full faceup) ★ Wig from blueblooddoll ★ Acrylic eyes from mimiwoo My flickr:: The dress is made by me if youre wondering hehe uwu (Photos taken on a Canon 60D f/1.8 50mm lens) Song is Lucky Twice (NIGHTCORE remix) I dont own the audio

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 16 August 2013

Selling Pullip Stuff on Etsy!!! Selling Pullip Stuff on Etsy!!!
Ahh guys please help me out!! ouo

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 24 July 2013

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag
*excuse any of the foul language and/or be mature with it* we are st00pid teenage homo sapiens thanks alright jk ((im putting makeup on my best friend fahmeeda)) the boyfriend tag is just there because i look like some scene child because of my new hair ((but I am pansexual; meaning im ok with liking any gender boy/girl/trans)) this is how we started off our summer **Music used in not owned by me** R u redy - TANUKI Kokiri Forest Remix - by jester666 on newgrounds ((Im making a new video updating on AG related things soon so stay aware))

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 04 July 2013

Karkat & Zacharie do the crab dance Karkat & Zacharie do the crab dance
cosplaying after sakurastuck im karkat (the grey one) the other guy is zacharie (my bfrond)\ thanks tash for recording this annnnnddd happy cinco de mayonaise Music used: CANDY CANDY - Gumi

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 05 May 2013

Son of a 60D Son of a 60D
another test video wooooo. & thats farhan & fahmeeda playing.

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 09 December 2012

(猫の耳)Neko Mimi Hair Tutorial for American Girl Dolls (猫の耳)Neko Mimi Hair Tutorial for American Girl Dolls
Just a fun hairstyle to try out on your doll for a cute kitty cat look :3 This will also work on dolls other then American Girl too. Leave a video response or comment if you tried this out! Music: Daydream by Do You Even Care? Music

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 02 September 2012

Easy DIY Scarf Tutorial for AG Dolls Easy DIY Scarf Tutorial for AG Dolls
Just a quick little tutorial that anyone can do :D It's great as an accessory for your doll and is super quick and easy :3 Enjoy~ Don't forget to leave a comment, like, and subscribe ^u^ leave a video response in addition if you try this out, I'll be glad to see what you all come up with :D Song is Candy Candy by GUMI. (no copyright intended;;)

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 07 August 2012

Quality Test ^^; sorry. Quality Test ^^; sorry.
I'm trying to check if 640p still remains HD since 1080p takes longer to load and crashes my laptop everytime ;__; sorry for the strange muffling noise, the fan was right next to Kanani TT__TT

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 07 August 2012

Hair FAQ with Rilakkuma Hair FAQ with Rilakkuma
The is my 2nd try at uploading this video -___- 7 hours remain :U Wow that sounds like Majora's Mask ^-^ Anyways, this is just a little video (actually a lengthy video) about my hair. I'm not obsessed with my hair, or a hair guru if that's what you think. There are just a lot of questions about it, so here's a video that answers all of those questions :3 I'm seriously not a person who cares about their hair at all. I find it annoying to actually use a bunch of products in my hair stuff like most girls do xD Just keeping it healthy does it. Oh, and also I'm wearing a Rilakkuma kigurumi :3 It's like a onesie animal pajama :D It's super comfy ^u^ I got it off ebay if you're wondering. I don't own the music! It's by TheLivingTombstone and one of my good friends, Alpahzor (: Songs (in order) Song of Storms Remix // TheLivingTombstone Rugueux // Alpahzor Foul Mouth // Alphazor Smile Song Remix // TheLivingTombstone Please subscribe to them and check out their other songs! I'd highly appreciate that :D

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 12 July 2012

Tutorial on Potted Plants for AG Dolls Tutorial on Potted Plants for AG Dolls
It's been an extremely long time ;n; I've finally made a video ;u;

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 09 April 2012

Tutorial on Books for AG Dolls Tutorial on Books for AG Dolls
I had another one before, I didn't like it so I redid this tutorial. Enjoy (: This was on my new camera ^o^ so there's an HD feature (:

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 06 February 2012

12OOO Subscribers Cake! 12OOO Subscribers Cake!
Thanks to all my fans who helped me reach 12,000 subs! Hannah and I decided to bake a cake for this occasion (: I used my Aunt's Canon camera, that's why the image is so clear haha. And when I say thank you, I really mean it :'D I would do a lot more, but I'm really caught up with school. adfbasgwg. Recipe for the cake: Music: (First Song) Song of Storms (Second Song) Atomic - She

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 18 January 2012

Hamster Cage Tutorial for AG Dolls Hamster Cage Tutorial for AG Dolls
Finally :D I uploaded :3

By : shibapocalypse     Added : 02 January 2012

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