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God's cures a lady Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
I was having a big stomach like a pregnant woman and I couldn't sleep at night because of it and I participated for this healing service for 5weeks by the grace of the lord I'm cured and my stomach is also my stomach was back to normal.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
God cures Cancer Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
There was a bubble in my back when I went to near the doctor to check about this the doctor said that it's like a cancer bubble so to verify it doctor told me to come on Wednesday to the ward number 18 so before going I phoned the pastor and told this Pastor said don't worry sister the Lord will cure you and she was quite sure there was a bubble when the pastor was praying and when I went near the doctor to check about this the doctor told me there isn't any bubble in your back.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
God cures a wounded man Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
There was a bubble on my leg and i scratched it. It gradually became wound they said to fix another particular vale in the tight side because blood circulations is low but unfortunately it was not successful and they did another operation where another vale were fixed in to the wound but it was not succeed the wound was spread just as roots of the banyan tree but the Lord released his kind to me and 98% of the wound is cured

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
God's direction to a operated lady Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
This is my first time to attend a service like this in my first arrival the Lord gave a direction to the pastor saying you have done 2 operations and having pain in the stomach come forward the Lord is going to cure you and I came forward and got prayed by the pastor after the prayer the pain which I was suffering got vanished and also I was passing urine with blood that also stopped.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
God saves a life of a boy Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
The next door neighbor who got angry with his girlfriend drank 48 tablets of Panadol, he was in a serious action and was admitted to the hospital and he was given medication to vomit and the doctors has shifted him to the main hospital which is in the city and the main hospital doctors has advised his mother that after vomiting is ended he must be injected with 7 injections which is valued Rs.149,000 and doctors said sometimes these injections will not be in Sri Lanka it has to be imported from another country. Mother phone the pastor and the pastor just prayed through the phone Almighty this poor mother doesn't have money to spend on this medication and 20years old boy's life is in danger so you are powerful to give or take his life please be kind to her son and help his mother. Mother has given prayed water to his son after drinking the water son was fully cured and doctors said the injection want be necessary now.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
God's direction Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
God's direction to a person whose palpitation is very high. He was suffering from the illness for three years and got cured by the grace of Lord.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 20 March 2011
A miraculous cure for eyes by the grace of God Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
I was having a problem in the pupil of both my eyes. This was inherited from my father. The pupil was at the each end of my eyes. My friends were making jokes out of me saying when I look towards the left I can see the right, I was feeling very sad. I attended the healing service and I found that the pupil of my right eye was brought into the centre on the first day I attended the healing service. Today is my eighth week, the pupil of the left eye has almost moved towards the centre of my left eye.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010
A cure of a young boy with an undeveloped brain Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
My son was possessed by an evil spirit, for 20 years (that was his grand father who died thirty years ago). I did not know of his abnormality when he was small. His brain was not developed all these years due to this evil spirit, holding on the development of his brain. I took him to every hospital, Buddhist temples, and Hindu temples and did according our religious belief, but I did not see any improvement in him. I heard of the Healing Service at Vihara Maha Devi in Colombo where I brought my son. Since I started attending the healing service he has started to talk and he says that he is hungry and is released of the evil spirit by the Grace of God. This evil spirit before it left said that 'I was to kill you and your son in a another 15 years but this time I cant escape, because you have gone to a place where a very powerful "God' lives and from today I am leaving you for ever'

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010
A man's damaged spinal cord is cured by God Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
I had a problem with my spinal cord and the doctors wanted me to wear a collar, which I did so for six months. The doctors decided to put 4 screws to support my spine. At that time I attended the Healing Service, When the operation was due I went to hospital I was taken to the operation theatre for the operation, but the doctor wanted an x-ray done to confirm the operation, but to his surprise he said that the operation is not necessary and he has no problem with his spinal cord anymore, and the doctors also said wearing the collar is also not necessary and he could do his normal day-to-day work.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010
The healing power of God towards a little girl's liver Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
Grand-mother gives testimony of her grand-daughter who was diagnosed of having a liver problem, two weeks after her birth. She was taken to hospital and had to perform an operation when she was two months old. She had to attend clinics and she was given a lot of drugs and injections, but never showed any improvement. Doctors told me not to have any hopes of the child as her liver is in a bad condition and she cannot be cured. I brought her for this Healing Service for 5 weeks, and now doctors are confirming that there is a vast improvement in her liver.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010
God's cure towards a woman's breast cancer Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
I was diagnosed of having breast cancer, and was treated with cancer treatments and injections. Doctors found some lumps in my other breast as well. My left breast was taken off. Though injections were given for the lumps I found that the lumps were not decreasing, but I lost all my hair, I did not tell the doctors about it. They also diagnosed that the cancer was spreading into my womb and they strictly advised me, not to have babies as I was using very strong drugs, and that the baby would be affected by these drugs, and I would possibly bring forth a deformed baby or else my life will be in danger. I got an opportunity of attending the healing service, and the evil spirit which was in my body was released by the power of God and I thank and praise God as I am improving in my health and has conceived a baby and doctors are surprised that the baby is in very good health.

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010
God cured a young boy's dissolving flesh of his body Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
Mother gives testimony about her son's sickness of dissolving of flesh of his body at a speed of 11,620. The doctor told me that this is the nature of this sickness. He could not walk properly; when ever he walks he falls down. I brought my son for the Healing Service for 5 weeks. A medical report was taken and it had revealed that the dissolving the flesh had come down to 4,500 and the boy getting healed, and the doctors said that this can never happen, it is a world wonder

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010
A bypass surgery needed patient cured by grace of God Jesus nf - Pastor A J joseph
I am a heart patient for the past years. The doctor has confirmed that there is no other alternative but to do a bypass surgery. He has attended the healing service, and last week when he went for a check up the reports have revealed he has no problem in his heart and bypass surgery is not necessary

By : Randhika Mituranga     Added : 26 July 2010

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