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Day 1 -  (Part 2)  Child Sexual Abuse Within Jehovah Day 1 - (Part 2) Child Sexual Abuse Within Jehovah's Witnesses Australia 2015 07 27
I decided to edit this video as the sound was very low. The quality of the sound is much better now.

By : Rosa Alves     Added : 11 August 2015

Por que não sou mais Testemunha de Jeová Por que não sou mais Testemunha de Jeová
Muitos dos meus subscritores que tanto gostavam dos meus videos dos canticos concerteza estão chocados e perplexos por ter deixado de ser Testemunha de Jeová. Quero que saibam eu apezar de não ser reconhecida pela organização como Testemunha de Jeová, no intimo e no meu coração me considero uma testemunha verdadeira de Jeová e de Jesus. Por isso não me classifiquem como apostata. Eu só comecei a fazer pesquiza independente depois de os anciãos me ter acusado de ter ideais apostatas. Antes disso eu nunca tinha entrado em sites apostatas. Foi bom que tudo isso aconteceu para abir os olhos a realidade. Aconselho que vejam este video pois explica o motivo de coisas ruins estarem acontecer na Organização. Não se deixe cegar. Faça pesquiza se tem dúvidas assim como eu tive.

By : Rosa Alves     Added : 02 July 2015

Este video foi produzido especialmente para as Testemunhas. Aconselho todas as testemunhas de Jeová quevejam este video por que muito em breve a fé delas vai ser testada de uma forma brutal. Eles todos vão tropeçar. Por isso é vital que o vejam e ouçam com atenção para que acordem para a realidade de profecias biblicas e saibam a verdade sobre 1914 e a presença invisivel de Jesus. This video is in Portuguese so those who do not understand the language won´t have a clue as to what I am talking about in this video. If you are interested to know what this video is all about I have provided a link to another video in English which I have basically used to translate it into Portuguese. So by watching this video you will know what is being considered. Here is the link:

By : Rosa Alves     Added : 01 July 2015

Tom Petty -   Free Fallin Tom Petty - Free Fallin' (with lyrics)
I have made this video for a friend, but everyone is welcome to watch it as well. It comes with the lyrics.

By : Rosa Alves     Added : 24 June 2015

Why I am no longer a Jehovah Why I am no longer a Jehovah's Witness
I have decided to make this video to explain to my subscribers who dearly enjoyed watching my videos the reasons that led me to leave the Jehovah's witness organization. Some JW'S expressed disgust at my disassociation and labeled me MRS APOSTATE. I would especially like those who were so quick to judge me to see this video and listen to my story, maybe then they would not be so quick to judge. I would like to make it clear that I am not an apostate. I firmly believe that God used the Organization to deliver Biblical truths. However I believe that the organization does not teach the truth about that Jesus came invisibly in 1914 and that the last days began in 1914. They have misled many to believe prophecies that they say were fulfilled in 1914-1919 when in actual fact they are still in the future. There is a reason why God has allowed the operation of error because judgement must begin first with the house of God and Jehovah's witnesses are in for a big surprise when they will be caught unawares. Those who are busy waking up from this false teaching of the organization about 1914 and have serious doubts about that I strongly advice that you read this book online. Its your life that is at stake and as such you would do well to take the time to read it. Many will be stumbled when Jehovah God begins judgement with his own people the Jehovah's witnesses. They will receive a rude awakening.

By : Rosa Alves     Added : 17 June 2015

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