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Kerala:God's own country | Unknown Interesting Facts About Kerala in Malayalam
So, Kerala as they call it is "God's own country", and here are just some more reasons why you would only fall in love with Kerala further more. So, lets hit the list. Most of us associatecoconuts with beaches, and Kerala being the state with some of the most beautiful beaches…well, do you see where I am going? The connection between Kerala and coconuts is so deep that it finds its place in the very name of the state. The name of the state is derived from the malayalam word "kerum" which means coconut trees. So there you go! Kerala happens to be one of the most literate states of India. Yes, there was a time when Kerala had the highest literacy rate of all the states, but Kerala has been recently replaced by Tripura. Nonetheless, you are still an inspiration Kerala. Another achievement in Kerala's resume- India's highest Female to Male sex ratio. According to 2011 consensus, Kerala's ratio is 1084 females to 1000 males. Also, the beautiful state of Kerala has a special place for its fauna and particularly the elephants. The elephants are honoured as the state animal and also find their place in the state emblem. And here's the last point in the list, but definitely not the least. Kerala has the highest life expectancy rate, where the national average is 65.6% , Kerala takes a swooping lead with 75.1% Kerala's CV sure looks interesting. Do let us know if we missing out on some interesting facts, also like the video for the awesomeness that every bit of Kerala is…and for more Kerala love, stay tuned to hungama malayalam. Click on to SUBSCRIBE and Enjoy more malayalam Videos.

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India's Hauntings | Haunted Bungalow at Bonacaud | Trivandrum | Kerala
Are you scared? Do you believe in ghosts? Lets just admit that even the bravest of us would think twice before they enter a graveyard at midnight. Some say its all a myth or just a product of imagination, but there must be some truth behind all those horror stories, all those spooky places, the hauntings! One such paranormal legend is an aloof bunglow in the Bonacaud region of Trivandrum, Kerala. Horror isn’t the first thing that hits in the head when you hear Kerala, you think of lush green valleys and clear skies…but then amidst all that beauty, lies a spine chilling haunted house. It is called GB 25 and what looks like a stunning piece of architecture from the British rule hides a boy’s spirit, that lurks around the door at night. The legend is the children of landowners died mysteriously, and the couple left the mansion to live rest of their lives in London. Tress passers swear that they have seen lights flickering inside that house, strange voices and crying of children too. So, for all those who are planning to visit Kerela soon, would you dare to spend a night here? Proceed at your own risk. Click on to SUBSCRIBE and Enjoy more malayalam Videos.

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Love In Kerala | Romantic Song | Malayalam Movie Song
Watch Love In Kerala movie song directed by Sasi Kumar Singer : ARCHIE Hutton,B Vasantha,CO Anto,Jose Prakash,KJ Yesudas,KP Udayabhanu,Kamala,LR Eeswari,Mahalakshmi,P Jayachandran,P Leela,S Janaki,Zero Babu Music Director : MS Baburaj Lyricist : Sreekumaran Thampi Starcast : Prem Nazeer,KP Ummer,Padmini Director : Sasi Kumar Producer : KP Kottarakkara Label : RS Musics Click on to SUBSCRIBE and Enjoy more malayalam Videos.

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Aapaaratha Malayalam Song
Watch Latest Malayalam Song From Aapaaratha Movie directed by IV Sasi Music Director : Ilayaraja Singer : P Jayachandran ,KJ Yesudas ,KS Chithra Lyricist : Sreekumaran Thampi Director : IV Sasi Producer : IV Sasi Starcast : Rahman ,Jagathy Sreekumar ,Urvashi ,Sukanya Label : RS Musics Click on to SUBSCRIBE and Enjoy more malayalam Videos. Like HungamaMalayalam on Facebook Follow HungamaMalayalam on Twitter Circle HungamaMalayalam on G+

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Malayalam Rock Band | Music Avial TGIRF Season 2 | Tony John (ROCK MUSIC)
This episode of Rhythm brings to you a concert from Avial, who primarily sing songs in Malayalam, but are also a rock music band. Listen in. Like | Comment | Share

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Michael Jackson | Wishing a Very Happy Birth Anniversary to the Pop King
King of Pop, Inspiration, Moon walk, Stylish, God, Trendsetter, True Star, Magical, Like never before, immortal LEGEND...One man, So many emotions. Thats Michael Jackson for you! Here's an ode to the late legend Michael Jackson from Hungama on his birth anniversary.

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Hungama Wishesh Happy Janmashtami | Dahi Handi Celebrations 2016
Dahi handi, Colourful Gulaal,delicious butter, the pumping dhol, music andcrazy dancing…it all happens in Govinda aala as they call it. Janmashthmi is not just celebration of Lord Krishna, but a day that comes every year where you can unleash the mastikhor Govinda inside you. This janmashthmi lets become kids again Hungama wishes a very ahppy janmashtmi to all the Govindas out there.

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India's Hauntings | Shaniwar Wada Fort Most Haunted Place of Pune
Shaniwarwada- a beautiful but deserted fort, has been the shooting location for many historic movies. Last year's blockbuster "Bajirao Mastani" is one historic drama that was shot there. The Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra starrer also brought the lives of the rulers of the mighty fort on the silver screen. Throughout the nation, there are many spooky forts and palaces where many secrets died with the kings and their empires… Such is the case of Shaniwar Wada too.The fort was built in 1730 in the honour of Peshwa Bajirao Ballal. But who would have thought back then this mighty fort would be reduced to haunted ruins. Some say it was all the consequences of a curse. Within one year of Shaniwar wada's establishment, Bajirao met with a tragic death.And eversince then, whoever sat on the throne couldn't keep it for long…This was a curse cast upon the fort by Bajirao's first wife, Kashiabi's childhood friend after Bajirao killed her husband suspecting treasonThe curse was that Shaniwar wada would never be a happy place and sadly, the curse worked. Some people also believe that a spirit haunts the fort, the spirit of Bajirao's grandson Narayanrao who was brutally killed by his own uncle.Stories are many, but truth is only one…that there is something inside Shaniwar wada. Pune's most haunted place does attract many tourists…Proceed at your own risk! Click on to SUBSCRIBE and Enjoy more malayalam Videos.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 | Rakhi | Greetings | Wishes | Video from Sister to brother
You fight, but you still love them. You can't live with them, and even without them. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful bond between siblings. In India, this relationship is celebrated with the festival of Rakshabandhan. Though, a mere thread of Rakhi can never sum up all your feelings for your brother, but it's a symbol of a pure and incomparable bond. Catch this cute Whatsapp conversation between a sister and a brother as the joyous occasion of Rakshabandhan comes closer. Watch more Exclusive Celebrity Interviews right here Like BollywoodHungama on Facebook: Follow BollywoodHungama on Twitter: Circle BollywoodHungama on G+:

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Hungama Wishes India & Pakistan a Happy independence Day!
Watch Hungama Presents This Video Lets Celebrate Love & Independence Beyond Borders What comes to your mind when you hear the date-15th August? A holiday right, a holiday where you wake up in the morning to some lengthy Independence day videos…what else can be done? Republic day, independence day…national song, national anthem…it's all the same right! Did this make you angry? Does the nation's state make you angry? No, we aren't talking of corruption and how it's killing us! I am talking of the people who got killed. Those who died fighting for independence, became our brave martyrs…but what about those innocents who died after Independence…why do we just refer to them as PAKISTANIS and HINDUSTANIS!? In 1947, when the caged bird was finally set free, it had already lost its one wing…and the bird couldn't fly high! There's more to Independence than just the fights that we have fought for it. This Independence day lets achieve freedom from out prejudices, hatred and all the borders that are keeping us apart. Lets celebrate love and unity this Independece day. Hungama wishes India & Pakistan a Happy independence Day! WATCH it, LIKE it, SHARE it & leave some # Comments

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Best Of Shankar Mahadevan | Hindustan Meri Jaan (HD) | Happy Independence Day
Watch Hungama Presents Best Of Patriotic Songs | Independence Day Special | Latest Patriotic Song Album Title - Hindustan Meri Jaan Track Name - Hindustan Meri Jaan Singer Name - Shankar Mahadevan Star Cast - Shankar Mahadevan Music Director - Samir.mana Lyricist - Dvijesh Patel Genre - Patriotic songs Festival - Independence Day Producer - Dvijesh Patel Director - Mohit & Palkesh Vendor Name - DM Motion Picture WATCH it, LIKE it, SHARE it & leave some # Comments

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India's Hauntings | Bhangarh Fort | India's Most Haunted Place | The Story Behind Bhangarh
Watch Hungama Presents India's Most Haunted Places Bhangarh is not only India's but also Asia's most haunted place. Do you know the story behind one of the most haunted places of the world? Watch this video to know more...but proceed at your own risk Ghosts, spirits, haunting…do you believe in them? Call it superstitions or rumours or baseless stories, across the globe there are many abandoned haunted monuments that stand witness to the paranormal world. One such story is of the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan. Many TV shows and movies have been made on the spooky mystery Bhangarh carries. Youth favorite show MTV roadies have been shot there. Indian cult classic Karan Arjun's schedule has significant shooting in Bhangarh . Also, Trip to Bhangarh, a movie was made on Bhangarh in 2014. What once was a prestigious fort of the glorious Rajputana is now what remains of a doomed village. Noone stays there, no living at least because people believe the dead still stays lurk in Bhangarh. The legend has it that a magician fell in love with the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. To get her, he jinxed her bottle of perfume but the princess understood it before time and threw the bottle of. As the bottle broke, the black magic reversed and killed the magician himself. But before dying, he cursed that Bhnagarh will be ruined, every stone, every building and every life there shall perish. Overnight, Bhangarh was extinct! On the way to Bhangarh, you can find many Government authority boards warning you to not enter the premises of Bhangarh before sunrise or after sunset. Whoever disobeyed, never returned…not as an alive man! Bhangarh is Asia's most haunted place, and 4th in the World's top 10 haunted place. Will you still dare to go there? Proceed at your own risk! WATCH it, LIKE it, SHARE it & leave some # Comments

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Best Happy Friendship Day 2016 Video Ever | Happy friendship day!
This video goes out for all the great friends out there, because without them what would you rather do? Here's to friendship! Happy friendship day! We Wish you a Happy Friendship Day 2016

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World Junk Food Day 2016 | Celebrate Junk Food Vegan
Are you a Junk Food Lover? Check out this tongue tempting poem - Subscribe Our Channel For Latest Malayalam Movies & Videos :

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Happy Father’s Day Special 2016 | #DearDad
They put up with all our demands, they correct us, guide us, teach us, protect us, they scold us but above all, they love us unconditionally. Here's a small tribute to our Fathers on Father's Day Hungama Wishes you Happy Father’s Day to All !

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