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perfect outfit for autumn
this is the outcome of the second suit sewn from the 3 designer suits from Pakistan. to watch the full making of this suit, visit the link below

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 04 October 2015
autumn winter suit
as the weather is beginning to change, preparations for new winter wardrobe are set. this is my first suit for the season. it is one that i purchased whilst on my trip to Pakistan. its by a company called chrizma. its a designer brand and they usually come with all the relevant pieces for the suit

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 04 October 2015
eid suit for innayah
September started of as a difficult month so sewing has not been big on the agenda. children dont understand and for them life goes on. i made this 3 piece outfit for her. the rest of the videos are on her channel so follow the link below

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 25 September 2015
how to assemble a shroud
this video is a little disturbing but its a topic that needed to be covered. being consumed so much in worldly life, we forget our final abode and yet it is the one certain thing in life. i recently had a death in the family. ,y husbands brother passed away quite suddenly. he was not ill and died of heart attack in minutes. even if we have to to prepare, i promise you the out fit for this journey is the simplest to make and really the least expensive attire. there is no sewing, no fitting and no colorful fabrics of silks or organzas. what you require is 3 sheets. the main sheet about 8ft in length and 60 inches width. sheet 2 is 4 foot in length sheet 3 for dress is 6 foot length and 48 inches in width. the excess you take off from sides, cut them into 3 strips, length wise. half the fabric for dress and half again. the centre point for the 2 halves, mark with a small cut. to length side, take the cut 12 inches down. from the centre marking, cut 5 inches to both left and right. this is the head insertion point. then fold the shroud as explained in video.

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 25 September 2015
problems with fancy suits
he suit was bought from Pakistan. i had it sewn by tailors, thinking i was going to be saved the hassle. unfortunately, it was not so and i basically had to resew the whole outfit. this is one reason the skill comes so handy as you are able to custom fit your outfits according to your liking. http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 17 August 2015
dresses for a wedding
i made lots of dresses for innaya for the wedding but could not decide on a final outfit. a day before the wedding, i made this angarkha style dress and decided she would wear this. link to web site http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php forum http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php innaya modelling this suit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6--TePoUtbI

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 17 August 2015
wedding inspired annarkhali
when a designer is at a wedding, they cant help look at designs, find flows and conjure up their own designs from the designs of others. there is nothing wrong with that if you can create a garment what others probably paid a fortune for. also the happiness you get from "i made this myself", is great. my advise go for it and be proud of what you create. i am well chuffed with with what i am about to create from these fabrics

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 09 August 2015
duppatta preview
thought i will give you glimpse to how my suit is coming along. i am using jamawar and pearl lace to edge the duppatta

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 09 August 2015
wedding suit preview
Asian weddings are like going to the Oscars in film industry. the search for the right suit goes on for months. the out of town shopping visits and the expenses are outrageous. on top of all that , there is secrecy surrounding what people will wear as they don't want to be outdone by some other family member i care for none of that so here is a sneak preview of what i will be wearing to a family wedding very soon.. the suit will go through some transformations so you will need to check back and see the final result

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 06 August 2015
sewing a perfect fit kameez chooridar
the suit was modeled by sushmita sen in the original photo shoot. when actresses and models are used for photo shoots. the images are often very appealing and we are lured into buying the outfits. the real challenge is to sew the outfit to look better than it did on the model

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 01 August 2015
perfect for the occasion
this suit and jacket was sewn several months ago. i wnted to take it to pakistan but then thinking of the hot weather, i decided to leave it hanging in wardrobe. this was my multi function suit that i have sewn a navy suit, navy abbaya and the mint suit with. i had plans of sewing even a few more but then the novelty wore of and i got occupied with other stuff. make sure to join us on the forum for more info on this suit. http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?topic=1256.msg8483#new

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 30 July 2015
perfect fitted suit.
some challenging clienteles are best turned away but when the client is your own daughter who is very fussy, you are really stuck. as a typical Asian parent, i want her to wear traditional Asian clothing specially as i feel they are very pretty. i do my best to please and appease her. if ypu are a parent who faces similar challenges then do visit my web site http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/sub_category.php?cPath=47_71

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 30 July 2015
suit for mum
from a 2.5 yard fabric, we have done the 2 from 1 and made the mother daughter outfit. make sure to visit innayas channel to see her outfit in full

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 27 July 2015
polka dot dress
the fabric is polka dot chiffon in 60 inch width, i bought 2.5 yards and it cost me 5.00 pounds. the neckline is a 4 pce set that comes as 2 pieces for sleeves and front and back neck piece. these are 5 pounds each. i am using pre-preferred piping that is 2 pounds and 3 buttons on neckline for a pound. total cost is 13 pounds

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 27 July 2015
mother daughter outfits
this was one of the fabrics bought in the recent fabric haul. its wonderfull when you can quickly design and sew and show of your super buys. the beauty of this fabric is the mother daughter special even though it was fabric for mum only. i bought 2.yards and managed to get a dress for innaya too. i used ready made neckline and some piping to make this pretty open front overdress. to see full overview of baby dress, visit her channel

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 27 July 2015

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