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Other colours in the pure roses
Quick video to show what the other colours are in these beautiful suits

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 23 July 2016
tulip suit

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 27 June 2016
louis vuitton barrel bag
The jacket may have been a no no but the uses from the remains has proved to be better than the Louis Vuitton I pulled apart. if you think the bag is wow then wait till you see what i did with the suits. If you fancy making one then make sure to visit link below. http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/product_info.php?products_id=4861

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 08 May 2016
design failure
This suit is a design failure as it is. Its a good job its not fully sewn so there is still hope for it to be rescued and transformed. make sure to watch the duck turn into a swan. you will have to wait to see the suit revamp but in the mean time, make sure to see the louis vuitton barrel bag created from the remains of the jacket

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 08 May 2016
first impression
the name of this contest is first impression. So what was the first impression you got when you saw these suits? I will not be judge mental or hurt by what you say so go through the photos and comment next to the one you like or find offensive. have a guess on what the price of the suits is. go to other web sites if you like and see what they are retailing it at as i have no objections. http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?board=71.0 guess how may colours and you will be in with a chance to win a exclusive outfit designed for you for Eid in your size. If you are not registered on forum then send me an email and i will register you my email is mjan896@gmail.com get busy and start writing your comments ladies

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 08 May 2016
colour sensation contest
fancy entering our competition? Its easy. all you need to do is watch the video and click on link below to take you to the forum. Go through the photos and guess how many colours is this dress available in? write a comment on what you think of the suit and what you think may be the price. competition is open to every one and closing date is the 31st of may 2016. the winner will selected from all correct replies and announced in June. the award will be a designed outfit by jansewing solutions as per winner measurements. we will dispatch the outfit to you where ever you are, free of charge. more details can be found on the forum page http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?board=71.0 or through email at mjan896@gmail.com this new range of gypsy dresses come in the most delightful colour burst. It is a ready made gypsy frock in net and Brasso. It comes with fabric for sleeves and chooridar and a matching duppatta. all photos on forum through this link http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?board=71.0

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 08 May 2016
the frozen show
It was a day at a wedding which was more like a crowning day for queen Elsa. ma shah Allah, the queen looked delightful watch the making of this suit on my web site. Watch the full tutorials on: http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/product_info.php?cPath=47_67_892&products_id=4824 Join us on face book: https://www.facebook.com/jansewingsolution/ https://www.facebook.com/jan.mohammed.94 Join the conversation on the forum http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?topic=1378.msg9223#new You can email me for full details of the suits - mjan896@gmail.com

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 24 April 2016
completed faraz mannan
these are the latest arrivals. the fabric is pure lawn with chiffon duppatta. see the full suit review and close p images on my forum, http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/product_info.php?products_id=4843 http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?topic=1401.0

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 23 April 2016
stock allert
these suits where so pretty but sadly, we are out of stock. only last few left so order today mjan896@gmail.com http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 04 April 2016
mina hassan
We all aspire to wearing designer names, but sadly they come with a big price tag. other problem is, designer suits are for a minority who wear them to temp the majority. There is nothing like being your own designer, after all, who can understand your fashion sense and your body than you your self. this suit is unique, even more so than mina Hassan originals. I am sure she must have sold more than one, as for this its one of a kind as i have no intentions of sewing another like it. watch all suit reviews on my new channel called my dilpasand libas https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUTQgHMvIW7_IdWoaKkxVCw http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 03 April 2016
new suits in stock
Cotton woven fabric has a grain drift problem. Its very important to take this deviation out when cutting. This suit is from selection of cottons that arrived recently. Full details of these suits can be found on the forum http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.c... http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 01 April 2016
preparing neck trims
many of the suits I have started to retail come with embroidered necklines on organza. the excess fabric needs to be taken away. here is the method i use. details of the suits can be found http://www.forum.jansewingsolutions.com/index.php?board=69.0 http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 01 April 2016
trims and laces.
If you are a sewing fanatic, then you would appreciate the need for all these excess fabrics. it would be difficult to build a range as big as mine but it is a good idea to get the most used from the range. what i am showing here is basic essentials that can give any suit a unique look. Its a worth while investment on buying and sae keeping these basics. http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 30 March 2016
pearl perfect.
My version of what pearl perfect should look like. My words will not explain how pretty this suit is. The actual dress is far prettier than the youtube representation of it. http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 30 March 2016
kashmir summer lawn range
This collection is middle of the 2 range. the texture of the fabric is very soft. colours are very summery and the prints are very bold. Each suit is generous fabric to stitch to any size. make sure to watch the tutorials for the in depth insight to every suit. close up photos and videos of sewing, please refer to my forum http://www.jansewingsolutions.com/

By : dilpasand2001     Added : 30 March 2016

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