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056 Unicorn Meat 056 Unicorn Meat
Hi, sorry for the length between postings. Had to find a job and then got busy working. Post op is going great and I'll be doing updates on that. Just need to get off my bum. Ari is moving out of Florida to a new state... the state of madness... hahahaa.... All is well and I'll do my best to create regular vids, but the big move and being married cuts into free time i used to have to do videos.

By : candiFLA     Added : 18 August 2011

055 Belgian In My Bed 055 Belgian In My Bed
So I'm in Thailand getting SRS and now I have a vagina. Evelien is a sweetheart and we took her in because she's a beginning transitioner and we all know how hard it is to start. I didn't want to be in the drama between her and Katrina, but I felt that Evelien should also have fun in Thailand. So a few of us offered her our rooms to bunk in and she took me up on the offer. So that's why there's a Belgian in my bed. It's great because we are learning about our cultures and Dutch isn't so hard to learn. So when you get a chance to do SRS, try and get a Belgian in your bed and you'll have fun as well!

By : candiFLA     Added : 13 February 2011

054 BOOBS and parents 054 BOOBS and parents
For people who want to see more than a head, here's my halloween costume: See... I DO have feet. Coming out to my father and we no longer talk. I respect his decision and he didn't give me any flak for mine, but I think he's uncomfortable and that's understandable. So, the pitfalls of transition are the possible loss of friends and family, however, if it is important then one still has to proceed with the BIG decision. Parents... will they never learn. (joke)

By : candiFLA     Added : 11 November 2010

053 Dinner With Ari 053 Dinner With Ari
Ari is me best mate and here he is in living color. Sorry about the mumbling and slurring of speech. The vid was done without any thought of content or quality. We just had fun with it. In case you didn't figure it out, Ari is a FTM, whilst I am a MTF. So we represent both sides of the same issue. Here's his page. He's a really funny dude, though you'd never get that from his vids: For those that live in St. Pete / Tampa area in Florida and need the help of the best therapist, contact Dr. Kathleen Farrell. She is simply superb.

By : candiFLA     Added : 21 June 2010

052 Being Happy 052 Being Happy
that is all

By : candiFLA     Added : 13 May 2010

051 Sliding Voice 2 051 Sliding Voice 2
ah, another fun sliding voice demonstration. get inspired and get practicing! The reason why i keep my male voice is to demonstrate and help others find their own voice. Otherwise, i don't use it very much anymore. also, check out Amber's voice pack:

By : candiFLA     Added : 13 May 2010

050 How I practiced voice 050 How I practiced voice
This is how i practiced my voice. Remember don't strain and stop if it gets tired. There's no point in overdoing and hurting yourself.

By : candiFLA     Added : 13 May 2010

049 Would you date yourself? 049 Would you date yourself?
Would you date yourself if there's a female and male version of you? What would it mean if one sided rejected the other side? Also, if my guy side, slips a roofie and does his thing with my knocked out girl self, would that be rape? incest? or masturbation? Any lawyers here?

By : candiFLA     Added : 02 February 2010

048 Dual Voices 048 Dual Voices
Do not think of me as a template for what transgender people are like. I'm more like that eccentric old fart in that run down house with stacks of newspaper dating from 1930s, clutching to old memories and ornery ways.

By : candiFLA     Added : 27 January 2010

047 Poll: M or F bathroom? 047 Poll: M or F bathroom?
So which bathroom should i use. Don't say yes or no, answer either male, men's, gents, boys, dudes, cowpokes OR female, women's, ladies, girls, gals, or cowgirls. I'll keep a running total in the comments section. Basically, these two vids, 047 and 046, are intriguing to me because eventually, one day, laws will have to be passed to clarify what rights and boundaries are stipulated for trans-folk.

By : candiFLA     Added : 27 January 2010

046 Transgender Topless 046 Transgender Topless
Make your comments and I'll keep a running total if i can go topless. Please chime in any people who know of indecency laws relating to this particular case!

By : candiFLA     Added : 27 January 2010

044 Impala SS 1996 Stacy burnout smoking tires 044 Impala SS 1996 Stacy burnout smoking tires
Stacy mischievously smoking her tires at work. Her co-worker took this video. I think she left a tire mark about 80 feet long. Nice marks baby! 1996 DCM Impala SS Yeah, i've got the same car, but in green - Candi

By : candiFLA     Added : 21 November 2009

043 Transgender musing 2 043 Transgender musing 2
what the title says... oh yes, for the boob job... Mark Zukowski of tell him i sent ya!

By : candiFLA     Added : 17 November 2009

041 Transgender musings 041 Transgender musings
just me rambling on about the differences between being a dude and being a chick.... er, guy/gal, or for the more p.c., man/woman. And for those that don't give a flying heap, dick or a chick--or for those that really like to offend, fuckhead(the men)/c*nt. seriously though, my male voice has changed and taken a softer, feminine tone... for me, that's bad because i'd like to keep it to show others how it can be done. so IRONICALLY, now i have to use and train in my male voice more... funny kind of life...

By : candiFLA     Added : 05 August 2009

040 Transgender falsetto basics 040 Transgender falsetto basics
If you train via the "falsetto/mickey mouse" method, keep in mind that if you think you'll achieve a female voice immediately, you may be disappointed. In my view, falsetto is to show you how to sound without resonance (that deep male vibration) and it strengthens and gets your vocal cords used to speaking in a different way. Once you get stronger vocally and can control your falsetto, then you can expand and make your voice sound more feminine. That'll be a vid in the future sometime, perhaps, maybe. :) Actually, as you practice more, you'll find that you will also have an expanded range, so practice does lead to sounding more feminine. But it does NOT come from just doing falsetto. Use falsetto as a tool for the above reasons. Good luck and have fun practicing. :)

By : candiFLA     Added : 05 August 2009

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