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Live Trade on NFLX Live Trade on NFLX
Here is video of a multi-day trade that went against me terribly but I stayed patient and held through the pain to manage to turn this losing trade into a winning trade. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 16 June 2015

Live Trade on FSLR Live Trade on FSLR
I buy FSLR prior to a breakout and then sell into resistance. I was both early on the entry and early on the exit and I discuss why that is so important. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 15 June 2015

Live Trade on INTC Live Trade on INTC
Here is a Live trade that on INTC. I show why it’s important to stick with a losing position if the setup hasn’t changed.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 12 June 2015

NFLX Potential Top NFLX Potential Top
I go over the chart of NFLX as I think it is close to putting in a top.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 21 May 2015

Live Trade on TLT Live Trade on TLT
A trade I made on 5/12/15 on TLT. Buying early into weakness on a potential gap down reversal and then selling into strength. @camar024

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 13 May 2015

Close To A Breakout Close To A Breakout
I cover the overall market and how it is setting up for a break to new highs. I also cover what occurs very often the days leading up to monthly expiration. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 08 May 2015

Live Trade on AAPL Live Trade on AAPL
A trade I made on AAPL on 5/6. Covering what buying into weakness & selling into strength looks like. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 06 May 2015

Live Trade on YHOO Live Trade on YHOO
My trade on YHOO on May 5th. Covering the setup and going over the importance of being early on trades.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 06 May 2015

Trade on GOOGL Trade on GOOGL
Giving an example of what being early on a trade might look like. I trade the bounce on GOOGL.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 02 May 2015

Watchlist for 4/13/15 Watchlist for 4/13/15
Quick Video Watchlist for this upcoming week

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 11 April 2015

Two Stocks To Watch Into 4th Qtr Two Stocks To Watch Into 4th Qtr
Covering setups in FSLR and GOOGL (GOOG) and why I think we will see these make a move going into the end of the year. I am currently long GOOGL Sept monthly calls.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 13 September 2014

Market Top? Market Top?
Going over the chart of the S&P 500 and talking about why we might be putting in the summer highs today.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 31 July 2014

What is the VIX hinting at? What is the VIX hinting at?
Going over the relationship between SPY & VIX and why it might lead to weakness

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 27 July 2014

Finding Breakouts Part 3 Finding Breakouts Part 3
Showed how I went from the generating ideas in Part 2 & put into real trades from this week. Twitter: @camar024

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 03 July 2014

Next Big Move in GTAT? Next Big Move in GTAT?
Video on why I think GTAT could be setup for a move into the 30s by the end of the year Twitter : @camar024

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 29 June 2014

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