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What is Group Discussion......here is the Answer
http://wabstalk.com/ps/ - Khushi Singh is talking about Group Discussion. She has cleared some of the doubts related to GD in the video.

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A Brief Presentation of One of the Competitions at Wabs Talk
http://wabstalk.com Wabs Talk at Moti Nagar held ‪Trophy‬ ‪Winning‬ ‪Competition‬ on ‪Sunday‬ the 8th of ‪November‬! The participants were assessed on the basis of their ‪Grammar‬, ‪Vocabulary‬ and ‪Speaking‬ ‪proficiency‬! Such ‪competitions‬ help you evaluate yourself and help you gain ‪crowd‬ handling ‪confidence‬ and ‪feel‬ self-confident about yourself as well!

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How to Tell Stories - Best Storytelling Tip - WABS TALK
http://wabstalk.com/ps/ - One of our Super Human Skills Course Trainer (Advanced Version of Public Speaking) at WABS TALK (Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, India) is speaking on 'how to tell stories' in the video. Rocky Saggoo (Speaker in the Video) has talked about one of the best methods of story telling. Storytelling tip given in the video is so easy to follow and this may do wonders for your Public Speaking career. Happy Storytelling !

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Ask Reuben - ESL Trainer at Wabs Talk
http://wabstalk.com Video Script: Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Reuben! Today I am not here to teach you anything but to infact ask you, whatever you wish to know. So, ladies and gentlemen! Whatever you wanna know, put that in the comment box below and I will make a video tutorial on that. And, if you want classroom sessions, call this number: +91 9999947824 or visit our website: www.wabstalk.com. Peace out!

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10 Cool Ways to Say Goodbye in English - English Training By WABS TALK
http://wabstalk.com Video Script: So, it was nice meeting you! Bbye now! Same here! Goodbye! Bbye? Goodbye? Don’t you think that sounds so boring? We come across a lot of people and while parting our ways from them we say bbye or goodbye. Don’t you think its time to try something new now! Don’t you think we should start saying which is way cooler than just goodbye or bbye? Well if you think so, lets go to the board and figure out what I am talking about. On the board there are 10 different ways of saying goodbye to people! Right? I’ll explain them with their meanings, their applications and of course examples. Let’s see the first one. ‘Peace out!’ That’s a friendly way to say goodbye. For example, peace out mates I am going home now. Another one is: ‘Outta here!’ It’s basically a slang way to say goodbye. Apparently, he is outta here. I am gonna miss him. Like this. Another one. ‘Catch you later’ or you can say ‘see you later!’ This is a formal way to say goodbye! You can say, I am running late for work. Catch you later! Another one! ‘Gotta go!’ When you are hurry! Oh gosh! My boss called. I gotta go to office! Like This. ‘Gotta jet!’ This is another way to say. When you are in a hurry and you gotta leave. I gotta jet but I ll see you soon. And, the next one! ‘Gotta take off!’ This is also used when you are saying goodbye and you are in a bit of a hurry. The example: I gotta take off, I am late. ‘Gotta shove off!’ Well, that is a slang way to say goodbye. She’s gotta shove off. She has a flight. And, another is: See ya! This is another informal way to say goodbye. My mom is waiting for me. See ya! Another One. ‘Gotta hit the road!’ Well, this one is usually when you are travelling by car. Let’s say, uoy said goodbye to somebody and you gotta sit in your car and travel back home. Right? Then, better say ‘gotta hit the road’. Example, it’s getting dark. I gotta hit the road. It means, goodbye and I gotta sit in my car and drive wherever I want to drive. And then, ‘Gotta Bounce!’ Slang way for goodbye. I have been out for long. I gotta bounce now. So, Instead of saying that same old traditional ‘Goodbye’ or ‘bbye’. According to formal or informal situation try these 10 and different and way cooler ways to say Goodbye. For more such information like this, keep visiting out you tube channel WABS TALK or our website, the link to which is in the description. And, if you want classroom sessions as well, you can again look into the description for the website www.wabstalk.com. You will get everything you wanna know. Thank you for watching! See ya!

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Speech on Fear by WABS TALK students in Hansraj College
http://wabstalk.com/ps/ - WABS TALK Rajouri Garden's (New Delhi, India) students have given wonderful speech on Fear. Do watch it.

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8 Cool Ways To Say Shut Up In English - English Lesson
http://wabstalk.com Video Script: Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Reuben! Ladies and gentlemen! Sometimes, we come across people who are really irritating. And, we desperately wanna ask them to shut up. Now, if you wanna sound really cool and heavy while saying it, listen to me very carefully. I am gonna tell you 8 different ways to tell people to shut up. Let’s go to the board and figure out. The first one in the list is: ‘Put a Sock in It!’ It means impolitely asking someone to stop talking. Right? Take this example: Put a Sock in It mate! I’m trying to work. The second one in the list is: ‘Shut Your Pie Hole!’ It’s a rude way to ask someone to shut up. Right? In office or professional environments, do not use this. Take this example: Shut Your Pie Hole and do your job. Another one, ‘Zip it up!’ Slang for asking someone to be quiet. You can say: Zip it up and listen to me, for example. ‘Put a Cork in It! Or Cork It!’ For example: Cork it up and go to school. There are more example that are not fitting on the board. Let’s go to screen two and figure out. So, in screen two, I am gonna tell you the remaining ways to say shut up. Number 5: ‘Button it!’ It means rudely telling someone to shut up. And, the example goes like this: Button it or I’ll go home. Another one: ‘Wind Your Neck in!’ It means telling someone to calm down. Like, wind your neck in, I am trying to watch a movie. And, number 7: ‘Simmer Down!’ It means calm down after some exciting. So, simmer it down or your head will blow. This is the example. And the last one in the list: ‘Pipe Down!’ Another way to say shut up. Tell them to pipe it down because I can’t work. Alright? Thank you for listening! I hope this video helps you! If you wanna know about more such lessons, you can visit our you tube channel or you can visit our website! The link is given in the description. And, if you want classroom sessions, you can again visit our website (www.wabstalk.com). You will get all the details you are looking for! Thank you for watching! Have a good day!

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How to Give Feedback to your Staff
http://wabstalk.com The video provides you with the tool to deal with your staff in a way that they become more productive!

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It always seems impossible until it's done - Inspirational Speech - Public Speaking Fear (WABS TALK)
http://wabstalk.com/ps/ - "It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela. This has to be one of the best speeches in India. Rocky Saggoo (Public Speaking and Super Human Skills Course Trainer at WABS TALK, New Delhi, India) starts talking about Roger Bannister first who ran and made the world record for running 1 mile in less than 4 mins. Rocky then talks about Dashrath Manjhi and Harland Sanders (KFC Founder). Harland Sanders was rejected 1009 times before he tasted success. Rocky advises his students to be 'a bull', and keep hitting the wall of your Public Speaking Fear until it falls.

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How To Use Question Tags - English Video Lesson
This video explains the usage of 'Question Tags' with examples. The application rules of grammar and intonation, both, have been explained. There are some exceptions to the rule and they are also explained with examples. We hope you enjoy the lesson! www.wabstalk.com

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Difference Between To & For - Prepositions - English Video
This video explains the difference between confusing prepositions To & For with clear examples. http://wabstalk.com

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How to Sound Like a Native English Speaker - Part 1 - English Video
This video clearly explains the differences in pronunciation of English words of Indian people and native speakers of native! The examples are given as well to help understand better. http://wabstalk.com

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Difference between so&so and so-so - English Video Lesson
This video explains the difference between commonly confused words so & so and so-so. We hope you enjoy the video.

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Best Business Idea - Humorous Speech
http://wabstalk.com/ps/ - One of our Super Human Skills course student at Wabs Talk (Rajouri Garden in New Delhi, India) giving best business idea in this video during Public Speaking Championship.

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Life As a Tree - Speech in English
http://wabstalk.com/ps/ - One of our Super Human Skills Course student at Wabs Talk (Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, India) is giving a wonderful humorous as well as emotional speech on Trees in a video. Listening to him will make you realise the importance of trees.

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