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Scalp Formula
Herbalist shows you how to make formula to regenerate your hair with potential for new growth. Ingredients: castile soap, 1-2 oz coffee extract, 10-20 drops rosemary essential oil, and colloidal copper. Optional ingredient: MSM

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AntiNano Device
Warning: this device can cause an electric shock if not handled properly. To avoid harm, please contact a professional if you are unsure about information provided in this video. Anti-Nano device is basically a container wrapped with a copper wire like a coil around container. Then use a laptop adaptor cable to power the coil

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Grounding Yourself
Herbalist shows you how to decompress using copper mesh and/or aluminum foil

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Power of Copper

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Let's Talk About Glyphosates

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All About Your Body Mass Composition
Herbalist talks about the health effects of foods and prescribes some yes and no foods to a healthier new you. For a list of suggested 'yes' and 'no' foods, please scroll to the end of the video.

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Chemtrails, Nanoparticles and Smart Dust
Herbalist talks about the dangers and health risks associated with nanoparticles and smart dust being dispersed through methods such as (but not limited to) chemtrails

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I Do Not Consent

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Regenerating Your Teeth
Tony shows you how to regenerate your teeth using only 2 teaspoons of TriSodium Phosphate (TSP), 6 tablespoons of Baking Soda and 16-24oz of distilled water. Mix together and shake. Use daily, once or multiple times, depending on severity of the condition of your teeth. Use is a similar fashion to mouthwash -- rinse your mouth and do not swallow. However, you want to agitate this solution in and around your teeth, so try to force it around your teeth as best as possible for 2-3 min.

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Homemade Faraday Cage
Take some aluminum blankets from a dollar store and some twine. Tape the two or more aluminum blankets together and drape overtop of twine that has been suspended from wall to wall overtop of your bed. Then apply a barrier at the head, foot, and, if you would like, underneath the bed for maximum coverage. Alternatively, you can also apply barrier(s) to the walls and windows. The goal is to try and block as many frequencies as possible. Remember that cordless phones and cell phones also generate wireless frequencies so having them in the bedroom will defeat the purpose of setting up a barrier in the room.

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A Closer Look At Your Skin
Take a 60 X Ocular and set the light to blue. Use the ocular a short distance away from your skin (arms, legs, anywhere you can reach) and you will be surprised at what and how much is on the skin. Wires, pieces of crystalline like material, nanopolymers, or plastic like components which all may at different colors including fluorescent green, opal, blue, deep orange and red. Using a 100 X will actually show you the fine particulates between the cracks, but the bottom line is that you will not believe what you will find

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Helping With Prostate Issues
Prostate and Anti-Aromatising Ingredients needed include: - Rosemary - known benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-estrogenic, antioxidant, and liver support - Grapeseed Powder - known benefits: antiestrogenic, and antioxidant - Ginger Powder and Extract - known benefits: anti-inflammatory, heart ATP, and testosterone support - Aspirin - known benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer (prostate as well as others) - Cayenne Pepper - known benefits: anti-inflammatory, and anti-prostate cancer - Nettle Root - known benefits: DHT blocker, anti-estrogen, and testosterone producer - Black Pepper - acts as delivery to the system due to the peperine - Hawthorne Leaf - known benefits: heart ATP, and anti-estrogenic - Siberian Ginseng - eleutherococcus compounds binds to estrogen receptors with no apparent effect in cell cultures - BHT - known benefits: anti-estrogenic, anti-oxidant, and testosterone support - Oil - whether Olive, Sesame Seed, Pumpkin Seed (any will do) - Take 3 oz of oil (of choice) and add to a glass container - Take 1 gram aspirin (1/4tsp) and 5 grams (1tsp) of rosemary, siberian ginseng, hawthorn leaf, nettle root, ginger powder, grapeseed, cayenne pepper, and 1 gram (1/4 tsp) black pepper and put into glass jar with the oil - then place into a pot of water and allow this to boil for about 15 minutes - when done, take contents and put into a blender and then blend for another 5-8 minutes - strain and add to a glass jar - add 2 grams (almost half a tsp) of BHT and mix Use 1/4 tsp several times daily to lower Prostate inflammation, increase Testosterone, and minimize aromatizing to Estrogen You can also use the herbals as an extract in alcohol as well to do the same thing to fuse this in the oil as a carrier and apply this either in blending or the fusing in the oils through the boiling method

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All About Ascorbic Acid
Natural vs Synthetic Ascorbic Acid Natural and synthetic L-ascorbic acid are chemically identical, and there are no known difference in their biological activity. The possibility that the bioavailability of L-ascorbic acid from natural sources might differ from that of synthetic ascorbic acid was investigated in at least two human studies, and no clinically significant differences were observed. Ascorbic Deficiency The following problems should be expected with increased incidence with severe depletion of ascorbate: disorders of the immune system such as secondary infections, rheumatoid arthritis and other collagen diseases, allergic reactions to drugs, foods and other substances, chronic infections such as herpes, or sequelae of acute infections such as Guillain-Barre and Reye's syndromes, rheumatic fever, or scarlet fever, disorders of the blood coagulation mechanisms such as hemorrhage, heart attacks, strokes, hemorrhoids and other vascular thrombosis; failure to cope properly with stresses due to suppression of the adrenal functions such as phlebitis, other inflammatory disorders, asthma and other allergies; problems of disordered collagen formation such as impaired ability to heal, excessive scarring, bed sores, varicose veins, hernias, stretch marks, wrinkles, perhaps even wear of cartilage or degeneration of spinal discs; impaired function of the nervous system such as malaise, decreased pain tolerance, and cancer from suppressed immune system and carcinogens not detoxified, etc. Note: I am not saying that ascorbate depletion is the only cause of the disorders, but I am pointing out that disorders of the systems would certainly predispose to the diseases and that these systems are known to be dependent upon ascorbate for their proper function. Not only is there the theoretical probability that these types of complications associated with infections or stresses could result from ascorbate depletion, but there was a conspicuous decrease in the expected occurrence of complications in the thousands of patients treated with oral tolerance doses or intravenous doses of ascorbate. This impression of marked decrease in these problems is shared by physicians experienced with the use of ascorbate such as Klenner and KaloKerinos. Successful Dosing For very severe illness, the dose he used was large and the most effective route was intravenous, but the intramuscular route was satisfactory. He gave at least 350 mg per kilogram of body weight (a 70 kg man is 150 pounds; thus 70 x 350 = 24,500 mg). This amount was put in 500cc of sterile water, usually dextrose, saline or Ringer's solution. It was diluted so that there was at least 18cc of diluent to each gram of C. Maintenance Doses Maintenance doses are established by the patient taking bowel tolerance doses 6 times a day for at least a week. He observes if there is any unexpected benefit such as clearing of sinuses, decrease in allergies, increase in energy, etc. Should any chronic problem be benefited, then the dose is decreased to the minimum amount producing the effect. Otherwise, a dose such as 4 to 10 grams a day divided in 3-4 doses is recommended. Patients who take ascorbate in large amounts over a long period of time should probably supplement with vitamin A and multiple mineral preparation. How to make Sodium Ascorbate Sodium Ascorbate is a buffered form of Vitamin C that consists of 90% Ascorbic Acid bound to 10% Sodium. This is the optimal form of Vitamin C for intravenous injection. So, if you have 100 grams of ascorbic acid then you would need 10 grams of baking soda, then add distilled water--so your ratio is 9:1. When adding water this mixture will begin to fizz. Mix gently until fizzing stops. What you have left is sodium ascorbate. Formula -8 grams of Ascorbic Acid -500mgs of potassium bicarb -sodium bicarbonate -magnesium citrate -30 mgs of zinc Generally, the ratios are almost 100-160:10 or thereabouts This will allow for better uptake of the minerals and the buffered C

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For The Heart From The Heart
Ingredients mentioned in this video with their descriptions: Taurine 500mgs - Taurine may facilitate the transport of Potassium into and out of the body's Cells and may help to prevent and treat Cardiomyopathy. Taurine concentrates in the Heart references and (5000-6000 mg per day of supplemental Taurine) may alleviate Ischemic Heart Disease. By normalizing Potassium flow into and out of Cardiac Muscle cells, Taurine normalizes the electrical excitability of the Cell Membranes of Cardiac Muscle and enhances the contractile strength of the Cardiac Muscle. Taurine modulates the activity of cyclic AMP within Cardiac Muscle. Persons who have experienced a Heart Attack often exhibit very low Taurine levels subsequent to their Heart Attack (indicating that supplemental Taurine may be highly advisable for persons who have experienced a Heart Attack). Taurine may also help to prevent a Heart Attack as it may help prevent potentially lethal Arrhythmias after Heart Attacks. Taurine is the most abundant and most important Amino Acid in the Heart (it is present in the Heart in greater quatities than all other Amino Acids combined). Taurine (6000 mg per day) may lower Blood Pressure in Hypertension patients (by suppressing Renin-Angiotensin). It usually requires four weeks of daily supplementation with Taurine before its Blood Pressure lowering effects occur. Magnesium Citrate or Malate - Magnesium may exert antispasmodic effects on Blood Vessels. Magnesium supplementation may improve Heart function in Cardiomyopathy patients. It may also be beneficial for the treatment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Magnesium may prevent and treat most types of Cardiovascular Diseases. Approximately 85% of Mitral Valve Prolapse patients exhibit Magnesium deficiency and oral Magnesium supplementation (600-1800 mg per day) may alleviate many cases of Mitral Valve Prolapse. Magnesium supplementation may provide significant protection against Strokes (the Blood Vessels that supply the Brain are prone to vascular spasm during Magnesium deficiency and these vascular spasms that occur during Magnesium deficiency may result in a Stroke. With Magnesium supplementation, the Cerebral Arteries may relax and Blood Circulation to the Brain may improve). Magnesium (administered within six hours after the occurrence of a Stroke) may reduce the after-effects of Strokes. 100mgs and Potassium citrate 99mgs--this will regulate the heart and initially use each dose of each 3 times per day. Potassium is a very important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. It is also an electrolyte (a substance that conducts electricity in the body) along with sodium, chloride, calcium and magnesium. Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contractions making it important for normal digestive and muscular function. Other studies show that increasing potassium intake reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Researchers suspect that this is largely due to potassium's blood pressure lowering effects. Hawthorn Leaf - may improve the utilization of Oxygen by the Cardiac Muscle and improves Blood Circulation to the Cardiac Muscle. Hawthorn may prevent and treat many Cardiovascular Diseases. Hawthorn (pretreatment) may minimize the Brain damage that occurs after the occurrence of an ischemic Stroke. It may also protect the Heart against Hypoxia. Hawthorn may alleviate Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) by increasing the strength of Cardiac Muscle contractions and increasing blood circulation to the heart and by reducing the resistance of blood circulation in peripheral tissue. Hawthorn may also improve the production of energy within the heart and may improve the contrations of the heart muscle wall (the Myocardium) allowing it to more efficiently pump blood through the body and also protects the heart against Hypoxia. Hawthorn and Ginger Root may increase the contraction strength of the heart and may improve Energy production in the heart (due to its ability to increase the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) by the heart. Recipe: to make a tea, take about a 3 inch slice of ginger--peel and chop--and add equal amounts of either Hawthorn Berry or Leaf and bring to a boil. Or, you can percolate this or take the same portions and and extract them in alcohol. Olive Oil - Visioli and Galli reported that Oleuropein shows anti-athergenic activity. In 2003, Carluccio MA et al. reported that oleuropein reduces monocytoid cell adhesion to stimulated endothelium as well as vascular cell adhesion molecule-1. Reflow in ischemic hearts was accompanied by a prompt release of oxidized glutathione in ischemic hearts pretreated with oleuropein. This release was significantly reduced and was accompanied by prevention of membrane lipid peroxidation, which is considered a key factor in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.

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Some Info For The Skeptics
This video was made to highlight a few of the things that motivate Tony to do what he does

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