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Being Quranist - Vision and Mission of Quranist Islam
Farouk A. Peru presents another episode of "Being Quranist" The Vision and Mission of Quranist Islam See also http://quranists.net.

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Quranists Responses to Critics - Nouman Ali Khan Pt 1
This is the first part of the debate series with Nouman Ali Khan. It details Nouman's argument against Quranists, calling them hypocrites. You may watch ...

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AQ-01 Ahl_Al-Quran_(Quranists) 1/3 - A true Scholar of Islam
Bio: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour (also Ahmad Subhy Mansour and Ahmad Subhi Mansur), born March 1, 1949, in Abu Harair, Kafr Saqr, Sharqia, Egypt is an ...

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Quranists | Sheikh Feiz Muhammad
Sheikh Feiz talks about Quran-Only 'Muslims'. Taken from his talk 'And They say, Its Only Sunnah': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiKbUwd7tXY.

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Hypocrites: Quranists Reject The Sunnah [Assim Al-Hakeem]
Link to Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxx2A4TN11Y.

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The Sunnah Rejectionists (Quranists) & Orientalists (Session 1) - Sheikh Uthman Khamis
Recorded at the Green Lane Masjid Winter Conference 2014: The Lasting Legacy Translated by Aqeel Mahmood Please donate to Green Lane Masjid using the ...

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Quranist Dhikr 'our God is an awesome God'
Quranist praise and worship of God is not limitted to ritualistic prayer, we can use music and also recognise Christians, Jews and all who believe in God to be ...

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How To Pray Salat Without Hadith (Quran Only)
How To Pray Salat Without Hadith (Quran Only) - For more detailed information explaining the Quranic Salat on this video, click here: ...

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Quranist Adhaan
Adhaan in accordance with Allah alone (Quranist) beliefs.

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Being Quranist : An Introduction
Please subscribe to the next QNN newsletter by using the form on this page: http://www.quranists.net/subscribe/ Farouk A. Peru introduces the the Quranists ...

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Quranists Network Event with Edip Yuksel part 1
In this part : Edip Yuksel's first presentation Edip Yuksel talks about 19 London, 9th June 2012. Quranists Network presents Edip Yuksel and Farouk A Peru at ...

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Hypocrites: Quranists Reject The Quran Itself [Nouman Ali Khan]
Link to Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vUjUFP89oc.

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