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" Hum Mayen Part II " Bajias Cooking

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" Hum Mayen Part I " Bajias Cooking

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" JALEBIYAN " Bajias Cooking

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" Daighi Haleem " Bajias Cooking

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" RASMALAI BASIC " Bajias Cooking
" RASMALAI BASIC " For this recipe we are going to need full cream milk 2L, fresh baking powder, 3-4 green cardamoms, 10-12 pistachio nuts, 2L eggs, butter and brown / white sugar 1 cup. Start by boiling 2L full cream milk in a big pot with cracked green cardamoms. Leave that on one side and start with the dough, add 2 cups powder milk to a mixing bowl, 1ts full baking powder, mix it add 2 eggs, approximately 1ts butter and knead it well. Once the milk is hot add the sugar, mix it. By the time the milk gets to the boiling point give shape for the rasmalai. Make sure there is no cracks in them or else they will break apart. Once that’s done, sliver the pistachio nuts and when the milk is boiling add some slivered pistachio so that’s its taste and aroma mixes with the milk and the rasmalai, don’t add everything at one go. Add one by one so that you can maintain constant milk temp and make sure the milk keeps boiling while you add the rasmalai if you notice that the boiling comes down when you add the rasmalai then give few seconds break and when the milk starts to boil again start adding the rasmalai again. When you add the rasmalai it starts to fluff very well and start flipping it slowly 1-2 times. Keep cooking the milk until you see its a bit dark and thick. You will start noticing the cream on top and the milk popping out from the bottom is a bit dark that is rabri. Once that's done garnish it with some pistachio. Let it sit in the same L pot until its cool and then transfer it to a bowl, stays good for 5-6 days in the fridge. If you wish you can freeze them. Ramya

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" Fridge & Freezers " Bajias Cooking

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" Bagh ki Sair " Bajias Cooking

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" POTLI BIRYANI " Bajias Cooking
" POTLI BIRYANI " For this recipe we are going to need boneless beef chuck’s 1¼ kilo, 6 thinly sliced sm-md sized onions, 1 tomato md sz sliced, half lemon sliced and 12-15 green chillies chopped. 2½ inches of fresh ginger cut into matchsticks / julienne cut. 1½ L sized whole garlic which we have peeled. 5 cups basmati rice, the rice we are going to use is Qila Excel Long Grain Basmati Rice this is the best quality rice we have come across and 1 cup greek style yogurt. For the garam masala we are going to need 1½ inches of cinnamon, ½ nutmeg, sm piece of mace, 5-6 aaloo bhukare / dried plums you can get these from an Indian store they come under the name of aaloo bhukhara and they are fairly easy to find, 3 black cardamoms, 1ts full whole black pepper, 10-12 cloves, 1 L bay leaf. Put the garam masala into a cloth this is just a disposable kitchen towel if you don’t have one and you have a muslin cloth you can use that that also does the trick and tie it up. For the spices we are also going to need 1½ ts full salt, 1½ ts full chilli powder, 1ts full hot crushed chillies, 1½ ts full cumin seeds and 1½ ts full coriander powder. To cook the rice in a separate pot soak it with quite a bit of water / 4 times water, leave that on one side and start cooking the onions with 1 cup oil in a different pot. While the onions are being browned grind the garlic and 1inch ginger with ½ cup of water finely. Once the onions are browned, add the ginger and the garlic that you ground and julienne cut 2½ inches of ginger and fry it until the water gets dried and the oil looks clear. Then add the beef, the spices mix it add ½ cup of water and put the garam masala potli as well and pressure cook for 2-3mins. While the beef is being cooked, let the rice cook itself on highest heat with 7-8 cloves, bit of lemon squeeze and 3tbs salt. Once the beef is cooked in the pressure cooker, remove the cloth with spices in it and cook this on a high heat until the water has completely dried and the oil has completely separated. Add the yogurt now and cook it until the oil has separated again. Once that’s done turn the heat off and add the sliced tomato, lemon and green chillies and mix it. The rice will be ready, a way to tell that rice is ready is that it starts moving slowly in the pot and half these rice grains will have a bit of solid grain in them whereas half of them won’t and that’s when you take the rice out. You don’t want to cook it perfectly because its going to cook again in the rice cooker. Once the rice is done drain it, add half the rice to the rice cooker and layer it with the beef then add the second layer of rice and try to cover the masala completely and add some food colouring and set the rice cooker on cook and just leave it in there for approximately half an hour and once the half an hour has passed you can just mix the biryani and its ready to serve. If you want to make this in a pot and not a rice cooker then do the same steps except layer it in a pot and put it in the oven for 20 mins at 180C in a fan forced oven and then your rice will have the same effect. Ramya Chat Conversation End

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" GROWING ROSES " Bajias Cooking

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" MASHED POTATOES " Bajias Cooking
" MASHED POTATOES " The ideal potatoes for this recipe is sebago potatoes. Start by peeling the potatoes 3 and then bring them to a boil. When the potatoes are done, drain the water, cut them into half and place back to the same pot. Add butter over the potatoes and mash it with a potato masher. Add some butter then add some milk 1/3rd – ½ cup mash it again, add 1/3rd ts salt and beat further. Gradually keep adding butter. Potatoes should be hot when you add the butter so that it melts. If you think that your potatoes are going cold as you mash or mix it then just reheat the pot over a gentle heat and then turn the heat off by doing this the pot keeps constant temp and its easy to mash the potatoes and makes the perfect creamy mashed potatoes. Use potato masher to mash the potatoes don’t make it in chopper, grinder or blender or the potatoes will end up gluey. If you are making it in L quantities then use cake mixing pin or dough making pin of food processor so that its easy. Ramya

By : Bajiascooking     Added : 06 September 2016
" Bari Eid ki Tayyari " Bajias Cooking

By : Bajiascooking     Added : 31 August 2016
" Daal Mash in a Rice cooker " Bajias Cooking
" Daal Mash in a Rice cooker " Start by adding 1½ cup of mash daal into a rice cooker which you have to wash and soak in 2½ cups of water for ½ - 1 hour. Add the spices ¾ ts of salt, chilli powder, coriander powder, chilli flakes each and ½ ts of cumin seeds and 1/3rd ts turmeric. Also add 1ts full ginger paste and 1ts garlic paste to the daal. Let that soak and while that’s soaking, thinly slice the onion md-large sized. Once the lentils are soaked, add 5-6 green chillies, cover it and then cook it in the rice cooker. When your daal is half way which is when the water has started to thicken and the daal has started to soften, mix it and prepare the terka. Add approximately ½ cup oil to a pan and start frying the ¾th of the onion until they are brown. Once the water has almost completely dried and is thick, add the terka. Add ½ ts cumin seeds to the terka before adding that to the daal. Mix it and once the cook button goes to warm add the fresh coriander, mix it. Ramya

By : Bajiascooking     Added : 30 August 2016
" YEARLING RUMP STAKE " Bajias Cooking
" YEARLING RUMP STEAK " Start by putting the beef steak strips 325g to a mixing bowl, add 1/4th cup salted melted butter then add the mustard ground less than ½ts, garlic powder ½ts, lemon pepper seasoning ½ts full. Then add the lemon zest of 1 whole lemon, ½ ts salt and meat tenderiser approximately 1/3rd ts and then rub it in and set it aside for few hours to marinate. Later when you bbq the meat, heat the grill well before you bbq so that the meat doesn’t releases its juices and make it boiled meat. Bbq the beef on high heat so that it seals in the flavour and the freshness and the juices of the steak. The best way to see if your steak is ready if you take one off the bbq and place it on a paper towel and its going to release some water and if the water is not pink then your very soft, very moist and very tasty steak is ready. Ramya

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" Chaat Jamia Cloth " Bajias Cooking
" Chaat Jamia Cloth " For this recipe we are going to need 10-12 md sized bananas, 2 guavas, 3-4 oranges / santra, 2sweet apples, half of 1 md sized payapa, 2 maltas, lemon and 1 pomegranate. We are also going to need ¾ - 1ts of salt, ½ ts full of ground black pepper and 4ts full of brown sugar, 1 chickpeas can and some chaat masala. Start by peeling and slicing the apples and we want to do this step quickly because the apple will go brown if we take our time. So once you the apples squeeze some lemon juice on top of it by doing this we’ll just delay the browning process a little bit longer it doesn’t mean that the apples don’t go brown it just means they wont go brown as fast. Then mix the apples then peel the oranges and just cut straight through the middle and then remove the seeds individually then cut them into sm pieces and then add that to the apples then squeeze the juice of 2 maltas that we have cut over the fruit. Cut the ripe guavas and then add that to the bowl. Peel and slice the bananas and add that to the bowl too, do this step quickly and mix it because the chaat will go brown. Add the sugar, the salt and the black pepper and also the chaat masala we just need ¾ ts of that and mix it. Then remove the seeds of half papaya, peel and cut and add that to the chaat. Drain the water from the chickpeas and add ½ can and add the pomegranate seeds to the bowl too. Mix it and last squeeze the juice of half lemon over the fruits. Ramya

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