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" Chaat Jamia Cloth " Bajias Cooking
" Chaat Jamia Cloth " For this recipe we are going to need 10-12 md sized bananas, 2 guavas, 3-4 oranges / santra, 2sweet apples, half of 1 md sized payapa, 2 maltas, lemon and 1 pomegranate. We are also going to need ¾ - 1ts of salt, ½ ts full of ground black pepper and 4ts full of brown sugar, 1 chickpeas can and some chaat masala. Start by peeling and slicing the apples and we want to do this step quickly because the apple will go brown if we take our time. So once you the apples squeeze some lemon juice on top of it by doing this we’ll just delay the browning process a little bit longer it doesn’t mean that the apples don’t go brown it just means they wont go brown as fast. Then mix the apples then peel the oranges and just cut straight through the middle and then remove the seeds individually then cut them into sm pieces and then add that to the apples then squeeze the juice of 2 maltas that we have cut over the fruit. Cut the ripe guavas and then add that to the bowl. Peel and slice the bananas and add that to the bowl too, do this step quickly and mix it because the chaat will go brown. Add the sugar, the salt and the black pepper and also the chaat masala we just need ¾ ts of that and mix it. Then remove the seeds of half papaya, peel and cut and add that to the chaat. Drain the water from the chickpeas and add ½ can and add the pomegranate seeds to the bowl too. Mix it and last squeeze the juice of half lemon over the fruits. Ramya

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" CHICKEN HALEEM " Bajias Cooking
" CHICKEN HALEEM " In the original haleem recipe beef is used. For this recipe we are going to need fresh whole chicken 1½ kilo, 2 cups full of cracked wheat / bourghal wheat you can get this from an Indian or Asian store, 1½ cup full of chana daal, 2 hands full of uradh daal, 1 handful of moong daal, 1 handful of masoor daal and 1 handful of long grain rice. The spices we are going to be using are 1 bay leaf, 6-7 cloves, 1/3rd ts fennel seeds, 1 inch dry ginger, 2 green cardamoms, 6-7 dried birds eye chillies, 1ts black salt, 2 inches cinnamon, 1 black cardamom, 1½ tbs cumin seeds 1½ tbs full whole black pepper 1½ tbs full whole coriander seeds. 2½ ts full of salt and ½ ts full of turmeric powder. To garnish the Haleem we are going to need some fresh mint, some green chillies, some ginger and some fresh coriander and an essential part of this recipe is lemon. Start off by washing and soaking all the daals and the rice and cracked wheat as well overnight in a pot with quite a bit of water and in the morning let it cook on low heat. Grind the garam masala including the bay leaf finely. Divide the chicken into 2 parts (see the clip). While the daals are cooking add ½+ oil, the chicken, the garam masala and the remaining spices the salt and the turmeric to a pressure cooker and fry the chicken along with spices until it releases an aroma. While that’s being done check up on your daals and when they are ready blend it in a hand blender a bit but don’t make it pasty. Once the aroma starts to come out of the chicken and the masala add ½ cup of water, 1tbs full ginger paste and 1tbs full garlic paste and pressure cook for 10 mins, the meat usually takes 2 mins to cook so cook according to your pressure cooker. In the meantime while the meat is being pressured start start chopping your garnishes the mint, the chilli, the ginger, the lemon and the coriander and start frying the 1 md-L sized onion sliced very thinly for terka with ¾ cup of cooking oil and brown them on md heat. Check up on your chicken and when it looks ready, take the chicken out and separate the meat from the bone, crush the meat so its broken up and add the chicken and its stock to the the daals, the rice and the wheat. Mix it and add the terka so separate ¾th of the onions first and add the remaining in the oil to the Haleem then mix it in, add 1ts full pure garam masala (" GARAM MASALA BASIC ") mix and add 1/6th ts of citric acid and mix it again. Plate it out and garnish it with the green chilli, the ginger, the mint, the coriander, the fried onion and the lemon, sprinkle some basic chaat masala (homemade). Ramya

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" BUYING MEATS " Bajias Cooking

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" COOKING FOR 2-100 PEOPLE " Bajias Cooking

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" TAWA GURDE KALEJI " Bajias Cooking

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" POTS & PANS " Bajias Cooking

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" QEEMA FRY " Bajias Cooking
" QEEMA FRY " Start by frying 1ts full cumin seeds in ½ cup cooking oil. While the cumin seeds being done crush 1½ inch ginger and 1 whole garlic in a chopper/ pestle and mortar. When the cumin seeds are pink, add 2-3 md sz tomatoes and when they are a bit soften add crushed ginger and garlic. Fry and add the mince and the spices – 1ts full salt, 1ts full coriander powder, 1ts full chilli powder and 1/3rd ts turmeric. Let it cook, don’t cover. Once its cooked, fry well until the mince colour gets a bit brown. Garnish green chillies, fresh coriander and ½ ts full garam masala powder (" GARAM MASALA BASIC " recipe). Mix and its ready to serve. Courtesy Ramya

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" GARAM MASALA BASIC " Bajias Cooking
" GARAM MASALA BASIC " This a basic and pure garam masalah which is best used on a variety of dishes on our channel at the end or any recipe that you like. For this you are going to need 2tbs cloves, 3 black cardamoms, 4tbs whole black pepper and cinnamon 4 pieces approx. index finger sz. Start by roasting the whole garam masala evenly. Let it cool for 2-3 mins, grind it then pour out the powder into a plate and spread it out so that it can dry little bit because it is quite warm after being blended and set it aside for an hour and a half until its dry and colder and then once that’s done put it in any sort of storage container for 3-4 months. Courtesy Ramya

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" DUM PUKHT BIRYANI " Bajias Cooking
" DUM PUKHT BIRYANI " For this recipe you are going to need cumin seeds 1ts, pinch of saffron/ zaffron, prunes/ dried plums/ aaloo bhukare 8-9 - you can get these dried plums from an indian store they come under the name of aaloo bhukara and they are fairly easy to find, bay leaves 3, 1½ garlic, 6-7 birds eye red chillies, 1 lemon and 1½ inch ginger, 2 L sized red onions, some fresh mint. Greek style yogurt 1½ cup, Qila excel Extra Long Grain Basmati rice 5 cups soaked, kewra water, 2 kilos of fresh chicken, food colour. Spices - 1½ ts full whole coriander, 10-12 dried red chillies, 10-12 green cardamoms, 1½ ts cumin seeds, 1½ inch cinnamon, 1½ ts full whole black pepper, half nutmeg/ jaiphal, 1 inch mace/ javathri and 5-6 cloves. Start by grinding the garam masala/ spices and start cooking the sliced 1 ½ L sz onion in a pressure cooker with 1 cup of cooking oil on md- low heat while the onions are being browned grind the ginger, the garlic, the birds eye chillies with 2 L spoon full yogurt. Cut the chillies 8-12 roughly and the mint finely, slice the lemon. Once the onions are golden brown they actually look more brown than what they are and these onions are cooked on md-low heat the reason for that is that once we remove the onions into a plate and let them cool if you have cooked them on a high heat they won’t go crunchy or else if you cook them on a md-low heat they will. Once the onions are dried and are cool crush them in the grinder which has the yogurt, ginger and garlic mixture and marinate the chicken with this paste, 1L spoon of yogurt, 1½ ts full salt for an hour. Its optional to marinate doesn’t make much difference. Add the chicken in the oil in which the onions were browned, add the bay leaves, dried plums and the garam masala grounded, mix. Then to cook the rice in a very big pot take quite a bit of water, add 4ts full salt/ 3tbs and add 5-6 cloves, cover then we are going to leave that on one side to boil and add 1tbs kewra water to the saffron. Cook this until the water has completely dried and oil has completely separated and we are going to cook it until its basically sticking to the meat. Then add the kewra water and saffron. Some people don’t like kewra water so if you don’t like it you don’t have to add it. Chicken and water has be prepared together because we don’t wish the chicken or the rice to go cold when giving dum. Once the water started to boil add the rice and squeeze 3-4 tbs approx. lemon juice to it, mix so that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot due sudden temp change and let that cook itself. A way to tell if the rice is ready is that it starts moving slowly in the pot and half these rice grains will still have a bit of solid grain in them whereas half of them wont and that’s when you take the rice out you don’t want to cook it perfectly because its going to cook again in dam. Once the rice is done, drain it in 2 separate strainers. Switch on the cook top at on lowest setting and keep a oven tray, sprinkle the cumin seeds to the bottom of the pot, add half the rice spread evenly, layer it with the chicken, add the chillies, the mint and the lemon. Then add the second layer of rice and try to cover the masala completely and add some red/ orange food colouring. Once we have layered the rice and the chicken, cover the pot and set aata/ dough around so that the steam doesn’t escape. Once half an hour has passed remove the dough, mix the biryani and its ready to serve. Courtesy Ramya

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" DAHI PAKORIYAN " Bajias cooking
" DAHI PAKORIYAN " For the pakode you are going to need ¾ ts salt, ¾ ts cumin seeds, garlic paste ½ ts and ¾ ts baking powder. Sift 1½ cup gram flour/ besan, add water enough to make a paste approx. 1 cup of water. Add the salt, the cumin seeds, garlic paste ½ ts and the baking powder, mix. In a separate bowl add 3 cups, 3tbs full sugar, ½ ts salt, ¾ cup water approx. to thin out the yogurt and mix. Set aside the yogurt and add quite a bit of oil in a pan and when its hot, start frying the pakore on md-low heat until they are light brown golden colour and add them to a bowl of water. Once our pakore have been left in the water for 2-3 mins start taking them out and draining the water out of them we don’t want to squeeze them too hard we still want a little bit of water in there. Once the pakore are lined up nicely, add the yogurt which we prepared earlier and cover all the pakore. Sprinkle the chaat masala powder - “CHAAT MASALA BASIC” recipe is in our channel. Courtesy Ramya

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" WHITE GINGER KARAHI " Bajias Cooking
" WHITE GINGER KARAHI " Grind 3-4 green chillies, handful of garlic cloves/ 1 whole garlic, 1½ inch ginger with ½ cup water finely. Add ¾ kg chicken in ½ cup olive oil, add ¾ ts. When the chicken colour changes add green chillies, ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder/ haldi 1/3rd ts, ½ ts full white pepper powder. Cover and cook, when the chicken is cooked bring the heat to maximum and fry until the water dries. Add 3 tbs full Greek yogurt/ natural yogurt and cook. Add ½ ts garam masala (cloves, whole black paper, black cardamom, cinnamon) garnish with fresh coriander, ginger and green or red chillies. Courtesy Ramya

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" CHAAT MASALA BASIC " Bajias Cooking
" CHAAT MASALA BASIC " Dry roast 10-12 dried red chillies, 3 tbs full coriander seeds, 2 tbs full cumin seeds and 2 tbs full black pepper and grind them with 1 ts full black salt/ kale namak, ½ ts salt, dried mango/ amchur cut into small pieces and ½ inch dried ginger. You can use this masala in dahi bare, papdi chaat, imli water for gol gappe, chana chaat and Haleem. Courtesy Ramya

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" SUNDAY BREAKFAST " bajias Cooking
" SUNDAY BREAKFAST " Scoop out 2-3 avocados, add 2 tbs full cottage cheese, 2 tbs lemon, freshly crushed 1/3rd ts black pepper in pestle and mortar, freshly crushed is good don’t add powder and add 1/3rd - ½ ts, add the cherry tomatoes, mix and add salt according to your taste. Grill tomatoes with some salt and butter, fry mushrooms with butter until its water dries. Fry sausages without oil until its golden on med- low heat Beat 10-12 eggs with full cream liquid milk ¾ cup, some salt and cook with butter on med-low heat. Courtesy Ramya

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" CHUTNEY FOR DAAL CHAWAL " Crush mint/ podina, 3-4 green chillies which is hot, 1 md sz tomato, 1 clove of garlic, some fresh coriander, 2-3tbs lemon juice, 2tbs full white vinegar and ½ ts salt in a chopper/ pestle and mortar coarsely. Ratio - 1 part mint and 2-3 parts coriander. Courtesy of Ramya Bharath

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" USING AIRFRYER " Bajias Cooking

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