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Chicken Biryani Restaurant Style - By VahChef @
this is kind of restaurant style of preperation of birtani they wont do dum process they cook chicken saperatly with same masalas which we use for biryani and ...

By : VahChef     Added : 22 May 2013
Easy Tasty Sambhar - By Vahchef @
this tasty and easy Sambar is a dish in South Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines, made of toor dal and veggies,sambar masala. A variant of sambar called ...

By : VahChef     Added : 01 May 2013
Doughnuts - By Vahchef @
A doughnut or donut is a type of fried dough dessert food. The doughnut is popular in many countries and prepared in various forms as a sweet snack flavoured ...

By : VahChef     Added : 11 June 2013
Onion Chutney - By Vahchef @
Onion chutney is a great accompaniment to wada,idli, dosa, upma and even appams. It is very common in all South Indian homes. this chutney even as a spread ...

By : VahChef     Added : 16 May 2013
Butter Chicken - By VahChef @
Butter Chicken Masala is one of the most popular Indian chicken dishes liked by most of us for its mild, subtle flavours and deliciously rich creamy gravy. Its gravy ...

By : VahChef     Added : 07 December 2007
Onion Samosa - By VahChef @
Samosa is an Indian deep fried spicy snack usually served with tea . In India we can see numerous varieties of samosas. The famous ones are made by the .

By : VahChef     Added : 04 June 2009
Patisa - Soan Papdi - By Vahchef @
It is made from sugar, gram flour, flour, ghee, milk, and cardamom.Some people are of the opinion that Patisa and Soan Papdi are different things. Patisa is more ...

By : VahChef     Added : 28 July 2012
Pizza - By VahChef @
Pizza base is an oven baked, flat shaped bread made with flour, yeast, warm water, sugar, olive oil etc combined together and made to a soft and smooth dough.

By : VahChef     Added : 10 February 2008
Egg Korma - By VahChef @
Egg korma is one of the dish fir for the kings and their royal feasts boiled eggs cooked with a khorma gravy ...

By : VahChef     Added : 25 September 2013
Curry Leaf Pepper Chicken - By VahChef @
is one of the most wonderful dish with a combo of flavours emanating from the naturally aromatic earthy flavoured leaf commonly known as curry leaf or karipak ...

By : VahChef     Added : 19 July 2013
Vegetable Biryani Traditional Indian Food - By VahChef @
vegetables cooked with basmathi rice Vegetable biryani ingredients 15 grams almonds 1 bag biryani masala 100 ...

By : VahChef     Added : 12 December 2007
Indian sweet Jalebi - By VahChef @
Jalebi is a deep fried sweet made from maida flour and then soaked in syrup. It is bright orange or yellow in colour and can be served warm or cold. It has a ...

By : VahChef     Added : 28 May 2009
Palm Wine Chicken - Toddy Chicken - kallu - By Vahchef @
This is one of special dish of south india "telangana" .it is made from fresh toddy immediately after removing toddy from the palm tree prepare this chicken dish ...

By : VahChef     Added : 19 April 2013
Mutton Rogan Josh - By Vahchef @
Mutton Roganjosh is a delicious recipe of Kashmir and it is a treat to the taste buds. The flavors of spices blend well in Mutton Roganjosh.A delectable delight ...

By : VahChef     Added : 24 June 2013

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