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Promo : Aa Family Komedy Chhe | Superhit Gujarati Natak 2016 | Sanjay Goradia
Watch this promo of New Gujarati Comedy Natak "" Aa Family Komedy Chhe "". Sanjay Goradia is back with a bang! Full natak coming soon. ફિલ્મ, ગીત ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 18 October 2016
Pappa Avaj Hoy Chhe - Superhit Gujarati Emotional Family Natak Full 2016 - Dharmesh Vyas
For a father, nothing is more important than his child's happiness. An honest government employee Rajesh (Dharmesh Vyas) realizes his son Hitansh has his ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 11 October 2016
Var Maro Lagne Lagne Kunwaro - Superhit Gujarati Natak 2016 - Pratima T., Deepna Patel, Jitu Kotak
Being a promiscuous guy, Manoj is having affairs with many women. He does not care about his wife's feelings. Destiny decides to teach lecherous Manoj a ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 13 September 2016
Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chhe - Superhit Comedy Gujarati Full Natak 2016 - Sanjay Goradia Best Comedy Drama
Catastrophe strikes in Khaman(Sanjay Goradia)'s house everyday at 6 p.m. Departed soul of his father Na.Mo(Narottam Morbiwala) enters his son's body.

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 11 March 2016
Kanti Tofane Chadyo | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak 2016 | Tiku Talsania, Reshma Desai
Honest Custom Officer KANTILAL (Tiku Talsania) is happy with his limited income. His wife does not like his honesty much. His son Pintu is an ace cricketer.

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 02 September 2016
Kul Deepak - Superhit Gujarati Family Natak 2016 - Sejal Shah, Rahul Antani, Imtiaz Patel
Sumitra Devi is looking for a surrogate mother who can give birth to her grandson (Kul Deepak) using preserved sperms of her deceased son. A lady named ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 29 August 2016
Gujjubhai Ni Golmaal - Superhit Comedy Gujarati Full Natak 2015 - Siddharth Randeria
Being unable to meet his wife's ever-increasing demands, Arvind (Siddharth Randeria) strives to make easy money. He tries a few options to make a quick buck.

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 29 December 2015
Raat Aavi Lafda Lavi - Superhit Gujarati Natak 2016 - Suspense Natak - Arvind Vekaria, Homi Wadia,
In absence of his wife, Sharad (Arvind Vekaria) parties with his friend and business partner Abhishek(Mehul Buch). Under the influence of alchohol, Abhishek ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 09 September 2016
Parnela Cho To Himmat Rakho by Tarak Mehta - Gujarati Natak Comedy Full 2015
Presenting Superhit Gujarati Comedy Full Natak 2015 "પરણેલાં છો તો હિમ્મત રાખો (Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho)" by one & only Tarak Mehta.

By : Garvi Gujarat     Added : 05 December 2014
Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni - Gujarati Natak Full Comedy 2015 | Ketki Dave, Dilip Rawal
Presenting Most Popular Gujarati Comedy Full Natak (Drama) 2015 "મમ્મી 20 ની દીકરી 40 ની (Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni)" starring your favorites Ketki ...

By : Garvi Gujarat     Added : 14 February 2015
Baa Tussi Great Chho- Superhit Gujarati Family Natak 2016 - Bhairavi Shah, Manisha Vora, Dhruv Barot
People we love the most are the ones who can hurt us the most. Parents bring up their children with utmost care and love. What emotional trauma parents go ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 22 July 2016
Aa Family Fantastic Che - Gujarati Natak Full Comedy 2015 | Sanjay Goradia, Pratap Sachdev
Sit Back & Enjoy Full Comedy Gujarati Natak (Drama) 2015 with English Subtitles "આ ફમિલિ ફન્તાસ્તિક છે (Aa Family Fantastic Che) starring Sanjay ...

By : Garvi Gujarat     Added : 24 May 2013
Niyati - Superhit Gujarati Natak 2016 - Dharmendra Gohil, Mulraj Rajda, Priti Jain
"Happiness is a state of mind". To be happy or otherwise depends more on mindset than circumstances. During his last breath, Niyati's father teaches her to be ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 25 August 2016
Baa Nay Gher Babo Avyo - Superhit Comedy Gujarati Full Natak - Sanjay Goradia
Vrinda and KK - a middle-aged couple has lost all hopes to have a child. Anahita, Vrinda's niece from Africa visits India. Vrinda can't stand Anahita because of ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 21 October 2011
Babubhai Uthi Gaya - Mastikhor Double Meaning Gujarati Natak 2016
Jentibhai's son Babu is believed to be an AIDs patient. After Babu's death, nobody is willing to marry Babu's wife Neelima. However, widower Sundarlal is very ...

By : Shemaroo Gujarati     Added : 17 June 2016

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